Let Us Have A Laugh With Landrieu

November 15, 2013

You ready for the joke of the century? You’re going to love this joke. It’s absolutely hilarious. So funny, people are gonna die over this joke. No, literally die. One man in South Carolina finds the joke so funny, he decided he’s going to just roll over from the humor and die. So, what’s so funny? Okay, okay, I know you’re ready for the joke.

One day Senator Mary Landrieu goes onto Wolf Blitzer’s program for what is a serious discussion on politics, but then Wolf Blitzer says “Like the President, do you want to apologize to the people of Louisiana?”

Too funny, even Mary Landrieu started laughing. Classic joke Wolf!

Problem is, only Mary Landrieu and her Democrat colleagues think it’s funny. It’s funny that people were smart enough to figure out that the cancellation notice they got meant that they couldn’t keep their policy, as Mary Landrieu promised.

Of course Mary Landrieu isn’t going to apologize. She didn’t lie when she said “if you liked your policy, you could keep it.”

She didn’t lie when she said “what we said was that you could keep your policy if it was good enough”

And instead of apologizing to the people of Louisiana, she retorted with a joke of her own.

“Listen, they know that I’m going to fight hard for them.”

What a barrel of laughs. So take that Minnesota, you’re not the only state that has a comedian Senator.

You ready for more jokes?

“Mary Landrieu, will you sign up for Obamacare?”. If you don’t get the punchline, those crappy Obamacare policies are just right for her constituents, but too crappy for her.

“Men can now be covered for their pregnancy”

“Women can no have their prostrate examined”

“Part time employees can work only 20 hours a week now”

Oh the jokes just keep coming. This is so much fun to send a comedian to the Senate.

But this isn’t so funny. From our sister site Maine Conservative:

Bill Elliot of South Carolina has cancer.  He had an insurance plan with a premium of $180 a month and this plan covered almost everything from his pharmaceuticals to medical devices like MRI.  His plan also covered doctors whom he loved.  Sadly, Bill received a cancellation letter because of Obamacare.  Bill tried to find a new plan but all he could get was a $1,500 a month premium with a $13,500 deductible.  Under this new plan his medications and $3,000 per MRI will not be covered.   What makes this story sadder is that Bill is choosing to let nature take its course because he cannot afford the new healthcare plan.  He refuses to burden his family with this.

So here is Mary Landrieu’s potential first victim. Ready for a joke? “Mary Landrieu, will you go visit Bill Elliot and explain to him why you voted to cancel his policy?”

Let’s get a little serious here. You would think that Mary Landrieu would offer to pick up his tab out of her salary since she is quite responsible for passing Obamacare. She did, after all, sell her deciding vote for quite a bit of money. Who knows, maybe Bill Elliot is being patriotic and sacrificing his life so that poor people can have health insurance. Maybe Landrieu can have her picture taken with Mr. Elliot and a great news story can be written about how he sacrificed for his country.

I don’t care whether or not Mary Landrieu apologizes, that’s not the point. This Obamacare bill was passed without being read. It was rushed through and with the dire warnings, you would think that Mary Landrieu would have taken her “job” seriously enough to actually read the bill and know what it did. She stood by Obama, she stood by her vote on Obamacare, and she stood right next to Harry Reid during the government shut down when the Republicans were demanding a delay in the individual mandate.

Now that people are seeing the effects of her vote, she wants to put an “S” on her chest, fly in with her cape, and save the day with her bill and demands to do exactly what she refused to do when she let the “Republicans shut down the government”.

This same woman threatened to punch President Bush in the mouth rather than try to work with him during Hurricane Katrina.

Mary Landrieu is such a joke, I’d rather have Kathleen Blanco serving as our Senator. Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Mary Landrieu has got to go.

Video of Landrieu laughing


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