Let’s fix what’s broken

July 18, 2012

Obama has gotten away with so much as president, my head is spinning! He’s ignored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He’s made alliances with tyrants. He’s invited the “Anti-America” religion and their set of laws (Islam/Sharia) to sit at our table. By Executive Order, he’s pretty much become a king rather than president and would be a tyrant with a little more leeway. How has he gotten away with it?

He has a majority in the senate who thinks the way he does.







Let’s fix it! Let’s stop him. He is broken and he is breaking America. What will you do if he wins this election? Panic? Run screaming into the night? (That’s my plan.) Only somewhat better, what if Romney wins? I call him “Obama-lite.” And I don’t mean that in a racist way. I mean that he doesn’t quite ‘get’ conservatism either. Not like I’d like him to. I’ll vote for him, I’ll contribute, make calls and campaign for him because I have to. It’s much like we had to do when the Republicans pitted McCain against Obama. McCain wasn’t really conservative and had no personality either. Sarah Palin carried that weight. It didn’t work then, I’m concerned it won’t work now.

The only way to stop Obama from the full destruction of America is to make sure someone, some ‘body’ can stop him if he wins again. And we really need them to keep Romney in check as well. So who is that body? The senate! We must have a conservative majority in the senate to stop those who think socialism in America is a fine idea. Do what you can for Romney, but work your tail off for those senate races that will make the REAL difference in November. (We have the majority in the House but we also need to maintain that at the least. To get a supermajority in the House, we need 290 Republicans. We’d need to pick up another 48 seats.)

Senator Jim DeMint has an organization called the Senate Conservatives Fund. On his website, you’ll see a link to “Races” where he spells out which states have elections, who the candidates are and which candidates he supports. It’s a good jumping off point for us to make our own decisions about which candidates to support.

We have 47 Republicans currently in the senate. Ten of those are up for re-election. In order to get a simple majority, we need 51. That’s only 4 more seats. However, we need Republicans of common mind and spirit so let’s not play around with minimum numbers. Instead of 14 seats total in this election, let’s aim much higher! We need 67 seats for a supermajority. That means we need to maintain the 10 seats we have as well as pick up another 20 seats. Can we win 30 of the 33 elections? I would have to ask Mr. Spock what the odds are in winning that many seats, but then, the Enterprise beat the odds all the time.

What we need are feet on the ground, voices on the phone, money in the bank and a rather large amount of citizens praying for a miracle. You ready for the plea? Be the miracle! It’s not like God’s going to just twitch his nose and make it happen. We have to do everything we can…blood, sweat and tears!

I can tell you that, in Louisiana, the Republican Women’s groups are working on those campaigns. They’re making calls and may even be planning to charter buses to those states to volunteer on campaigns. I would challenge the tea parties and every other conservative organization and individual in this state to work as hard and to be dedicated to winning the senate majority. Help one another. Work together. Form alliances. It’s going to take all of us to make this happen. This is war!

Keeping the majority in the House and gaining the majority in the Senate is America’s only real hope. A supermajority in both would take a very welcomed miracle! In the excellent words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Git ‘er done!”

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