Liberalisms House of Cards

June 29, 2011

Liberalism is built on a weak foundation. That foundation being one of deception, confiscation, obfuscation and a deviance that if they were done in the private sector would be criminal and the Democrat Party has married itself to this foundation.[ad#Google Adsense]

The deception begins with the premise that liberals are for the working man and the poor and that only liberal democrats if given the power of government can right the perceived injustices perpetrated on the people by others. But what these democrats do is use that power to confiscate the earning of those phantom perpetrators of injustice and redistribute it to those that give them the power. In other words they steal from you and your neighbor for the benefit of their own power. The injustices are being perpetrated by our government under the cover of law and when democrats alone decide one has too much and someone else has too little and seeks to remedy a situation that has many variables like age, education, abilities and will to achieve. This is done because power is in the control of the redistribution resulting in what should be called extortion. They will distribute it but will control how it is to be spent even to the point of withholding it unless States pass laws that the distributors want passed. An example of this is the withholding of highway fund that were collected within a State unless they raise the drinking age or pass mandatory seat belt laws. Liberalism relies on a media to cover for its inadequacies, missteps, lies and outright failures. It could not survive honest scrutiny therefore we have the unholy alliance between the two. Together it controls and clouds the debate by casting blame for the failures of liberalism on the Republicans. This alliance glorifies democrats as enlightened, honest and their concentration of power and the assault on the liberties of the people as noble and wise, never questioning their reasoning or motives and casting those that object and believe in limited government as radical, unsophisticated, unenlightened and not worth serious consideration. Everyone must yield to their liberalism which in reality is regression.

Make no mistake, Liberalism is power over the individual through the use of force just as Socialism, Fascism and Communism is. Only its approach is different. If one looks at political power on a linear scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being complete government control and 10 being no government at all then totalitarian statist regimes like Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism and yes Liberalism along with the assorted dictatorships of the world would be at 1. At 10 would be the total absence of government or Anarchy. Our founders with the adoption of our Constitution wisely placed us somewhere between 7 and 8, a position of maximum freedom with minimal interference from government. The goal of anarchists is the same as the extreme left which is some form of Statism.

Liberalism and the structure of the Democrat Party is a house of cards based on spending. The Democrat Party, the party of liberalism, by its very structure of taxing, spending and redistribution is incapable of solving the problems they have created. They must continue spending even if it bankrupts our nation to purchase support for their agenda. Stop the spending and the structure collapses ending for the good of our nation their domination in our political system. Republicans can accomplish the demise of liberalism by not raising the debt limit and forcing spending cuts. If the debt limit is not raised the world will not end; only liberalism will. Those dependent on the liberal largesse will have a tantrum and will resist and this country must be prepared for it but this is necessary for the survival of our nation.

The fork is not down the road, we are there now and the left fork takes us to our national ruin and an unrecognizable America. The right fork though not without pain will restore America for future generations. This is the debt we owe those future generations for we as a people have allowed it to get to this point.

I have but one question for any liberals that read this post. How can you honestly explain to your children and grandchildren why they must labor to shoulder the burdens of your fiscal irresponsibility whether your intentions were worthy or not?

The old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” could never be truer then when applied to liberal democrats.

MSNBC host Ratigan apologizes for `rude’ interview

AP Online December 21, 2009 MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan apologized Monday for his “very rude” conduct last week during an interview on health care with a Florida congresswoman.

Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz was explaining Friday on Ratigan’s show “Morning Meeting” why she supported health care reform. Ratigan, who said he has “incredible frustration” with the way the bill treated insurance companies, asked her to explain why stocks for insurers were going up. this web site cnbc fast money

Schultz said she wasn’t a stockbroker, and the answer apparently left Ratigan unsatisfied. He said he would “give her a brief education.” “You could be your own guest,” she told him as she tried to get a word in edgewise.

Ratigan eventually waved her off, saying he didn’t want her to “come on and do talking points.” “Our mission and my mission on this show is to shine the light on what is really happening, whether it’s health care, the banks, or a war in the Mideast,” he said. “And the way I went about that on Friday was a disservice to our viewers because it got in the way of doing just that.” A message seeking comment was left Monday with Schultz’s spokesman. go to site cnbc fast money

Ratigan is the former host of CNBC “Fast Money.”. He learned last week that his daily two-hour show, “Morning Meeting,” was being cut in half and moved to the afternoon.

___ MSNBC is a unit of General Electric Co.


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