Liberals, Progressives, Moderates, Whatever They Call Their Selves.

November 5, 2007

As I sit down in front of the bright screen of my computer, I’m thinking about liberalism, progressivism, or as President George Bush would say, moderatizism. The more I talk with liberals, the more I understand why they are so insistent that evolution is fact. You see, the more I talk with them, the more I realize that their brains aren’t much bigger than a monkey’s. No wonder why they think they are related. Some would argue that they’ve been inflicted with liberitis, or that they’ve drank too much Socialismo, whatever the case, there’s a serious problem on the other side of the aisle.

How many times have you heard Bush called Hitler, that Bush is a dictator, that he’s infringing on our rights, that he’s torturing innocent people. Yet, there his opposition still stands after seven years of his presidency, out in the streets protesting, on the internet, at your work place speaking freely.
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They’ve flooded television shows, movies, and music with their free speech with absolutely no fear of punishment by the government, so much so that one could only hope that Bush would become a little more despotic. They shouted to us not to question their patriotism and now are telling us that those who agree with them are the only real patriots.

It’s gotten so bad, ignoring people on the left who go to countries and sniff the cologne off of Hugo Chavez’s neck, singing his praises while being quick to blame the actions of Pakistan’s President (declaring martial law) on President Bush. We’ve heard their wacky theories that Bush blew up the twin towers and somehow managed to live to deny it.

We somehow should call illegal immigrants -“undocumented workers”, call Muslim terrorist-“insurgents”, and make nice with dictators that hate America to raise our stature in the world and hide behind a false mask named tolerance. At the same time we should hate Christians, blame Republicans, and consistently accuse the American troops of torture and find everything and anything wrong with soldiers that we possibly can.

We are supposed to accept as fact, rumors of Senator Vitter’s and Representatives Foley’s personal sex life, and at the same time not pay any attention to an elected Democrat official’s sex life. When it’s on that side of the aisle, it’s just sex.

When it’s on our side, it’s considered hypocrisy and our guy is supposed to resign. How did we in this nation get to this point where hypocrisy is a bigger crime than elected officials meeting enemies of the United States and publicly bad mouthing our country?

How did we get to a point in our nation that we can’t publicly display the Ten Commandments while at the same time the destruction of a person’s property with spray paint is considered art?

As I look across this once great land, I can’t help wonder where exactly we are heading as a nation. We as conservatives complain, usually under our breaths, that Political Correctness has to go. Yet, we’ve become afraid to offend in our own little worlds. We let things go by the wayside, even at times when we should step up and correct a wrong, because we’ve become to afraid to offend.

Liberals on the other hand have become so engulfed in their fantasy world where evolution has blessed them with the best brains therefor they are always correct, and those that dare think are to be belittled. All things liberal are considered truth and facts are to be ignored. Once a liberal believes something, there’s no turning back. When most people disagree with liberals, the we ought to debate (and I don’t disagree with that) but once they’ve got a majority of leaders on their side then debate is declared over and they assume presumption that they are in fact 100% correct.

Think about this, do you ever really remember a debate on global warming? How then can it then be that the debate is over? How often have any of us heard that there’s a real possibility that all these proposed changes could actually do more harm than good? I’d encourage people to take a few minutes to look up the facts about global warming and hear both sides before they make up their minds.

But therein lies the rub, right? Who has time to pay attention to the world around them where there’s so much going on inside our own? We’ve got mortgage bills to pay, the kids are sick or they are on a little league sports team. We’ve become inundated with political propaganda every time we turn on the television, or go to the movies, and then at work we hear some colleague who’s repeating the very same thing he heard on the television the night before. We usually just listen, not wanting to be confrontational on our jobs, sometimes we walk away. Ultimately we know that no matter how many facts we lay out, how much information we provide them with, their minds are made up.

Their strategy isn’t to be be smarter than us, to out wit us, or to win out in the arena of ideas. No, their strategy is to repeat the same thing over and over and over again until the rest of us just gets worn out. We don’t lose debates because we don’t have the right argument, we lose because we quit.

We’ve quit too much. We’ve had enough of us quit on the American soldier because of this strategy. We have a choice to make, either stand up and fight, or join this herd of lemmings that’s ready to jump off of a cliff.

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Mortgage Strategy August 21, 2006 The Flexishare deal from Advantage could allow many more aspiring home owners to get on the property ladder in exchange for a small share of future equity appreciation, says Brian Murphy The introduction of Advantage’s Flexishare product could be a ground- breaking development. Although a number of lenders have redefined their affordability models in recent months, increasing the levels they are prepared to advance, most high street brands will not lend above 5 x income. debt to income ratio calculator

Some sub-prime lenders have also adopted affordability models and several of these offer higher levels of potential borrowing than mainstream brands, having moved up to levels of 5.5 x income and beyond.

Flexishare is designed to provide a solution for clients who have been unable to borrow sufficient funds from mainstream brands, but it does this responsibly by using a debt to income ratio calculator.

It effectively offers a proportion of borrowing at a subsidised rate compared with that which can be obtained in the wider market. This allows a typical client to borrow more than 6 x income, assuming a minimum 5% deposit.

With the average male income for full-time employees in 2004/05 being #25,100, according to the Office for National Statistics, and the average UK house price in the region of #176,000, according to the Halifax House Price Index, it is clear that a first-time buyer with a 5% (#9,000) deposit will still require borrowing of #167,200. website debt to income ratio calculator

To a client earning this typical income Flexishare will advance #152,879 over 25 years, #160,246 over 30 years and #165,300 over 35 years assuming no existing commitments. These borrowing levels equate to 6.09 x, 6.38 x and 6.94 x income.

This level of borrowing potential allows more would-be home owners to buy. The product also offers a fixed rate on an interest-only basis for the life of the loan at 2.99% for the element referred to as the residential ownership loan. The lender effectively provides this subsidy in return for a share of equity appreciation.

If our client was to purchase the average property today on the basis of taking the minimum 15% of purchase price on the ROL, they would be borrowing #140,800 on either the two or three-year conventional stepped fixed rate mortgage and #26,400 on the ROL with a 5% deposit.

Assuming house prices continue to rise at a modest 3% annually over the next five years, the property would have appreciated to #204,031. In the event of the property being sold at this time, Flexishare would be entitled to 15% of the equity appreciation – which in this case would equate to #4,204.

Should the buyer have carried out improvements to the property such as a loft extension adding #15,000 to the value, Advantage does not share in this element of equity appreciation. It is also important to note that in the event of the property falling in value the lender shares the downside.

In a market where prices are continuing to rise and many first-time buyers are unable to borrow sufficient funds from mainstream lenders to get on the property ladder, this product could allow many more would-be home owners to realise their aspirations of ownership in exchange for giving up a small element of future equity appreciation.


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