Liberty Verses Whatever Liberals Are Thinking

July 2, 2013

Part 1: A Brief History Of How We Got Here

By Mark J. Landry

Day by day, this country is transforming from the shining beacon of freedom, envisioned by the Founding Fathers, to a bastardized amalgamation of dystopianism, despotism, and outright corruption, perpetrated by impractical liberalistic ideologues who push for repeatedly failed ideas. Liberals continuously attempt to tear down the institutional foundations under the assertion of America’s unjust creation, and must be recreated in order to conform to modern social, economical, and techological advancements. While the ideas have been present throughout human history, the tactics modern liberals use can be traced to a base ideology started in Europe near the time of America’s creation.

The end of the Eighteenth Century saw two great ideological revolutions. The first we know as the American Revolution. A revolution based on the idea of self-government and economic freedom. The second was the French Revolution lead by Maximilian Robespierre. A revolution based on centralized government and a socialistic economical view -a protocommunist revolution- which employed fear and suspicion to turn citizen against citizen. The French Revolution was a failure, and opened the door for a despot named Napoleon Bonaparte to seize power not once but twice. But the ideas which came out of the French Revolution changed the thinking of Europeans, including a socialistic named Karl Marx.

Once Marx published The Communist Manifesto, his idea spread throughout the European’s academic community where it was believed¬† the Communist Revolution would happen after a great unrest in society. In 1914, that great unrest began -World War I. After four years of Europe being at total war, the awaited revolution did not come to industrialized Europe as predicted; however, the revolution did come to the mostly agrarian Russia which perplexed academic communities since it was industrial workers which -by Marx- would start the revolution. During the 1920’s, at the Frankfort of sociology in Germany, sociologist reexamined Marx’s theories and developed Critical Theory as a away to perpetrate the revolution. In the 1930’s, the rise of the NAZI party forced those at the Frankfort School of sociology relocated to Columbia University in New York, bringing Critical Theory with them.

Simply put, Critical Theory is a divide and conquer strategy using race, gender, income class, and human emotions, to perpetrate outrage among the populous. This strategy has been employed by liberals -since its creation- to push more and more socialistic legislation. Its influence can be found everywhere from news reporting to college campuses, and its impact can be felt in everything from race relations to the abortion debate. As this is only a brief history, the rest of this series will explore the way Critical Theory is used in the major debates facing the country today.

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