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January 27, 2010

God, I hope this speech isn’t too long. A few years ago I saw a guy with Bush on his t-shirt and the words “Not my President”. I remember how childish I thought he was, and I won’t do the same. President Obama is still my President. I don’t like him, I didn’t vote for him, and I would love to see him leave office in 2012, but he is still my President, and I’m going to watch.
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8:05 President has entered the chamber… 5 minutes late.
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8:10 Obama reaches podium… not bad. Thank God he’s got his teleprompters to tell him to say “thank you” many times…

8:11 He’s talking about Omaha Beach, I wonder which of his family members fought there.

8:16 Comparing our economic situation to Bull Run and D-Day might not be such a good idea. Oh no, there he goes again, naming cities again, reading letters, and talking children. Of course children are always concerned about why Wallstreet has nice cars and mommy doesn’t have money to put food on the table. That’s what I was thinking as a child… ahem.

8:17 He’s been talking about health care, and yet people are writing him letters telling him how he has given them hope on on the economy?

8:19 Sure Obama hated it, he also “hated” taking over GM but he “had to do it”, and he “Hated” taking over student loan industry, and I’m sure he “hated” trying to take over health care… well.

8:21 Didn’t the banks already pay it back? And isn’t Giethner in trouble with congress, not because he didn’t pay his taxes which he didn’t, but for secretly overpaying banks that didn’t even need the money?

8:22 He’s claiming to have cut taxes, I wonder exactly WHERE HE HAS CUT TAXES? And there’s that not a “single dime” line again, unless of course you are poor and a smoker. And, let’s see if he raises taxes on most people by letting the Bush tax cuts retire.

8:23 Why are the Democrats standing up over the stimulus package? They cheered it on despite knowing, and despite just saying “they hated doing it”… and while the private sector is shedding jobs, he’s over there worried about the jobs of government employees, what world does he live in? It’s the private sector that provides for government. It is “Wall Street” that gives the investment for businesses to exist. It is the banks that loan money to companies, big and small.

8:27 Now he’s claiming that the banks have paid the government back and what he’s going to do with the money? What???

8:28 Wow, he’s talking about America should have the best, that’s a far cry from his campaign promises.

8:29 Wait, he’s going to raise taxes on businesses located in other countries, and of course those countries won’t return the favor and increase taxes on our businesses.

8:31 Here he goes back into the health care. And by the way, Obama,you still haven’t turned haven’t turned the economy around while those other nations have.

8:32 What’s with the bank bashing tonight? He’s ignored the economy since what March? And now he’s going into bank bashing after… whatever.

8:36 Bye bye West Virginia… though he won’t say that his policies will bankrupt the coal industry… again.

8:38 I miss Bill Clinton at least he would make things sound good, at least he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Obama seems more wishy washy. Let’s tax companies that leave and go to other countries, but we’ll send more to those other countries and they won’t tax our industry more.

8:40 Cripes, just what we need, another president meddling in our education system. Why not trust teachers to do their jobs? Why not trust education more on the local level?

8:41 Hey, why not just print up 600 trillion dollars, and tell people they don’t have to pay it back if they work in government off of tax payers dime. Let’s encourage more people to live off the government.

8:43 I think the Republicans need to stand up and cheer, which they did, on his comments for health care.

8:45 He simply doesn’t get it, most Americans don’t want government taking control of health care, but please, start over and do it again.

8:47 I hope he hurries up.

8:55 After spending 50 minutes talking about how he spent money and how he plans on spending money, and how he thinks more people should work for the government, he now thinks he can just easily balance the budget like we did “in the nineties”, which we NEVER had a surplus in the 90s.

9:00 The shortest SOTU speech, George Washington 1,089 words… good old days. Longest speech Jimmy Carter 33,667 words in 1981 – almost half a book. The longest time? Bill Clinton with an almost 90 minute long SOTU…can Obama take that away from Clinton?

9:03 So now he finally wants to meet with the Republicans? I hope he listens rather than just say “I won.”

9:05 Listening to Obama just now, I couldn’t help but to think of how the Palestinians attack Israel, then when Israel beats them, the Palestinians cry about how they just want to get along.

9:06 He picked a nice time to have his State of the Union, at 9 eastern time, people are ready to go to bed in the Eastern Coast… and who really listens to the minority response anyway? Is it just me, or do SOTU speeches just become annoying the longer they are? Short, Sweet, and to the point is much more preferable to long, bloviated, and interrupting prime time.

9:16 Wow, he spent an hour bashing CEO’s and banks, and then complains that people lost faith in corporations?

9:19 This speech suddenly just dried up. It just suddenly went south, and I mean it’s been out of touch all the way through, but what’s with this ending?

9:20 Well he finished with two words I was kind of hoping to hear, just the middle one I wished he wouldn’t have said “I won’t quit.”

GOP Response

9:31 Wow, somebody who will finally make our economy their # 1 priority.

9:33 Yes, somebody who gets it, get government out of the way, quit taking from people just to give to other people and then wonder why those people you took from are hurting.

9:33, Medicare – you have to pay your entire life for medicare, then have to pay the government an additional $93.50 when you qualify for medicare, then you’re stuck with 20% of the bill which you still have to pay a private company to pick up at an additional $100, doctors and hospitals are underpaid and that system is still going bankrupt, what’s so great about medicare again?

9:42 he ended, speech was good. Captured my attention, short and sweet… nice.

Update, Supreme Court Justice mouths “That’s not true” during Obama’s SOTU speech.

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Terry Kosdrosky covers the food industry, transportation, steel, international and Downriver. He can be reached at (313) 446-1626 or at



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