Liveblogging Regional Equity Summit 08

March 6, 2008

I was asked to blog the Regional Equity Summit 08 by the media coordinator for it. Obviously, the media director failed to read my Kiss My Gumbo profile regarding my political leanings. Or maybe I’ll cut him some slack as he looked at me as a fair voice for New Orleans. Either way, what the hell? I’ve got my blogging credentials (which makes me sound important) and I’m off to New Orleans to attend the event with, dare I say, 2,000 Obama and Hillary supporters today. Should I wear my McCain pin or my “Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, but did make up global warming shirt?” Who knows, maybe Brad Pitt or Kevin Bacon will be there! I promise to be good!
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Join me from 12:15-2:00 CT as I live blog Danny Glover’s speech called Trouble the Water today at the Regional Equity 08 Summit. If you aren’t familiar with live blogging, let Yoda Greta teach you. I will type from my seat in the lecture hall what I see or hear as it happens, through my eyes. You get to ask questions and talk to me in real time and I will talk back to you. It’s like hanging out with me from the comfort of your own computer! Free entertainment, and yes, you get what you pay for as I often get distracted when shiny things pass me by! Oh, and don’t feel bad if you miss it, you can come back and read the transcripts with all my typos (no spell check on the service yet). Don’t leave me all alone!!! Hmmmm….should I wear my tiara?

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States News Service January 24, 2011 DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. — The following information was released by the Air Force Air Combat Command:

by Senior Airman Shane Dunaway 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs For Airmen with concerns or curiosities regarding body composition, the Health and Wellness Center at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., has a new machine that can accurately gauge how much fat is available to be trimmed. this web site body fat percentage calculator

The HAWC’s latest edition, the BOD POD, uses the concept of air displacement to measure body fat percentage. The machine can also measure the body’s resting metabolic rate.

The BOD POD made its debut on Davis-Monthan in October 2010.

“The BOD POD works on the same principle as the old-fashioned dunk tank where we would put someone in water, measure how much they weigh, measure how much water they displaced from the tank and use that to predict body fat percentage,” said Guy Leahy, an exercise physiologist at the HAWC. “With the BOD POD, we place somebody in the pod and we measure how much air their body displaces from the pod. The machine uses the information to predict body fat percentage. It’s very accurate, with a two- to three-percent margin of error.” Acquiring this modern piece of technology gives the HAWC staff an edge when it comes to conducting their mission.

“We frequently have people in our classes who think they are more muscular or less fat than they actually are,” Mr. Leahy said. “Putting them into the pod gives us the information on whether they actually are or not and gives the client accurate information. We’ve had people in the pod before who have been both positively and negatively surprised at the results.” The BOD POD, valued at approximately $35,000, is rapidly becoming the tool of choice throughout Air Combat Command. website body fat percentage calculator

“All HAWC’s within ACC will have one of these,” Mr. Leahy said. “It is intended to be something that’s being used within the entire community to really give people an idea of what their body composition actually is.” The pod replaces the HAWC’s previous method of using skin fold calipers to predict body fat percentage.

The advantages of the BOD POD shine through for Airmen in particular, as the “fit to fight” culture has prompted more focus on overall physical health and fitness.

“Excess body fat leads to reductions in performance,” Mr. Leahy said. “Since fitness tests are now part of performance reports, this becomes more important. Also, we know that people who have excess body fat are more likely to suffer injuries than people who don’t and it has impacts on mission readiness.” Airman 1st Class Michael Washburn, a journalist for the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office, recently took the BOD POD for a test run and quickly saw the advantages of using the pod.

“Some of these numbers are a little surprising, but they’re pretty much where I thought they would be,” Airman Washburn said. “I would recommend that people on this base come use the BOD POD to find out more information about their body. It’s a great tool to measure how in shape you are and how much body fat you have — information that a normal scale just doesn’t give you.” Participants must wear clothing that doesn’t trap air, such as compression shorts or a swimsuit, and a swim cap to ensure an accurate reading from the pod


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