Louisiana 6th Congressional Candidates

March 26, 2014

We have sat down with a few candidates in the 6th Congressional District candidates and will be releasing those interviews in the coming days and will be linking those interviews on this article. Our goal wasn’t to give a hard hitting interview with questions on their stances, but rather give you, our readers, insight into their character.

We are not doing interviews with Tooth Fairies, Easter Bunnies, Conservative Democrats, or any other fictional characters. While we want our leaders to have convictions, we have discovered we must define what kind of convictions we want those elected leaders to have. To clarify, we prefer candidates with moral convictions, not criminal convictions.

One candidate simply refused to do an interview with us because we did not want to talk about the “issues”, we firmly believe that character is an important issue. It is important to understand why somebody feels they should represent their respective district, as much as it is what stance they have on abortion, gun control, taxes, or whether they wear boxers or briefs.

Other candidates have passed our initial concerns, but due to time constraints, we were unable to complete their interview in a timely manner.  At this time, we are attempting to complete some interviews before we release the interviews that we already have completed. Again, we did not delve into specific issues, so whether or not they are true conservatives or simply masquerading as one has yet to be determined. We encourage you to not just vote in the primary, but to take the time to be an informed voter.

Please feel free to vote in our poll concerning the 6th Congressional District and join in the discussion. Our forum is at ConservativeFifty.com/forum and we hope that you will participate in the discussions and learn more about the candidates there. We will continue to bring more information about the candidates in the coming weeks.

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