Louisiana Ba-Rocks Clinton’s World, Disses McCain

February 10, 2008

I have to admit, a little bit of me smiled tonight when I saw that Barack Obama swept Hillary tonight in all three contest held, including Louisiana. I’m not excited to have Barack Obama as commander in chief, it’s just nice to see Hillary Clinton shedding tears again to win over the pity vote.
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But here’s the beauty from Louisiana, despite the Republican party all but endorsing Clinton, Obama, er McCain, my fellow conservatives came out and voted against the RINO nominee in waiting… as did Kansas. When you look at the vote total, it was close with Huckabee getting 67,861, McCain getting 65,407 votes for a 43-42% respective. But when you look inside the numbers…

Mitt Romney, who all but dropped out earlier this week garnered 9,885 votes, or 6% and Ron Paul (who I voted for) received 8,276 or 5% of the vote. That 11% perhaps kept Huckabee from winning half of the delegates tonight, however add to those numbers 1% for Thompson, Giuliani, and Alan Keyes. Those Giuliani votes probably would have broke for John McCain, but the remainder of that 14% vote total might have just broke for Huckabee had they not been on the ballot.

In other words, 57 % of Louisiana’s Republicans didn’t vote for McCain, and that is what I’m thankful for. Perhaps if the party is going to represent the Republicans, perhaps they should ensure that Mike Huckabee at least gets some delegates, since, after all, he did win our primary. Wouldn’t you all agree?

Here’s the real problem we conservatives in Louisiana face. Especially after tonight, and being that the Democrat nomination is so close, and with Barack Obama gaining all the momentum and could pass Senator Clinton very soon in delegates, are we going to be more excited about McCain’s chances of becoming our next President than the Louisiana Democrats will be for Barack Obama?

What I’m saying is, by nominating John McCain, are we taking the risk of Louisiana Republicans staying at home and not voting? I mean, if the Democrats turnout to vote for Barack Obama, and many of our Republicans are less than enthusiastic about John McCain, which seems self evident now, how will that affect our other Republican races? How’s it going to help defeat Mary Landrieu or to put John Kennedy in that seat if we can’t motivate our Republicans to pull the lever for John McCain?

My attention is going to shift to more local issues, things such as the congressional races, Senatorial race, and other things that pop up. To my fellow conservatives out there, thank you for your protest vote, thank you for telling the GOP how you felt


I went ahead and voted for Duncan Hunter since he was still on the ballot.


Finally someone with a plan of attack and not playing prevent-losing-defense. It is not imperative that we have the presidency, but it is vital that we regain the senate with conservatives and not the Specter, McCain, Graham types! I am not sure why John Kennedy remained a Dem for all those years nor do I know his social issue politics, but if he will vote to block any liberal judge appointment, block any tax increase, and refuse to get soft on Muslim fanatics, I can support his efforts for Sister Mary's retirement! La. conservatives need to pick one candidate and help that candidate to win outright the first go round and not devide the vote amongst multiple candidates! Then we can focus on ridding ourselves of the McCain republicans in the state central committee and let them go back to the Democrat party from which they came!

Greta Perry
Greta Perry

I must say I am not surprised about Obama at all. As for the Huckster winning, well, personally I'd take the RINO. Protest votes are wasted votes IMHO. Just saying - talk amongst yourselves!

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