Louisiana Blogger Sunday Fais Do Do 5.20

May 20, 2007


Fais Do Do – (Fay Doe Doe) – 1.Sleep, go to sleep. 2. A cajun night of dance
Cenlamedia talks about some of the candidates in House district 27 and House district 25, and AG Candidate Royal Alexander.

Forgotston wants to give the people a payraise.

Your Right Hand Thief gives his point of view on immigration.

Conservative Cajun gives his thoughts on the GOP presidential debate.

Hooah Wife and Friends explains why kids should run the world.

Dr. Jeff Sadow agrees that a party switch was a bad decision for Boasso. (Wonder how long it’s going to take Boasso to figure that out?)

Mostly Cajun, All American understands exactly what is wrong with politics.

Paw Paw had a rough time with customer service on the phone.

Speaking of customer service phone calls, that is probably a good reason to vote against Jindal. I can here it now… “Thees hees Deeparhdmen of morrrterrr beheecules, chow can jai jelp you?” Not that I have any problem with Indian or any other legal immigrants, and I do understand the language barriers, but my God it’s so annoying when the communication barrier is a bigger problem to solve than the problem you called customer service to begin with. I’ve been on the phone with these outsourced customer service centers and I got to tell you, even they aren’t as bad as our current administration.

In the Loop tells us what’s going on with the Thyssen Krupp money.

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