Louisiana Blogger Sunday Fais Do Do 5.27

May 27, 2007

Lagniappe (lan-yap) – A little extra.

Forgotston asks, “Why are they raising more taxes?” — CB, the answer is “Because they are too incompetent to manage a budget.”

Hooah Wife and Friends makes some suggestions to Hillary about what campaign song she should adopt as her theme. I would suggest ‘Damaged Inc.’ — Metallica.

Jeff Croure talks about ‘PETA’ and ‘Common Sense’ in the same sentence. That is an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Jeff Sadow takes on the spending of the legis.

Mostly Cajun rips on people using cheap excuses for every problem. Maybe employers need to start paying for psychological help to every employee the steals?

Paw Paw remembers elections of the past. This should remind you that each election can be and is important.

Moldy City talks about Apples and Oranges, and budgets?

Your Right Hand Thief goes on about the war and Bush’s policies.

Tin Can Trailer Trash wonders about the ACLU. Why is it so hard for people to figure out that the ACLU does not have an interest in maintaining freedom? That ACLU’s intentions are to abuse freedom and create a demand for more government interference?

And really people, some of you people need to do something to separate yourselves in the blogoshpere. Really, do you have to repeat every argument you’ve heard on the t.v. the night before and then try to shill it off to the rest of us as if it were your own idea? You don’t know how many Louisiana blogs I had to pass over because they could not come up with anything original and what’s worse, they were acting like it’s their own opinion. I can’t include a post like that.


Avman i am so glad you are posting these at the end ot the week.Please keep up the hard work.

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