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June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton’s cryfest has me paying attention, and laughing. It’s not that I think somebody going to jail is funny, mind you, but that this woman is acting like the 45 day turned whatever sentence is the end of her life. Last I heard, she’s getting 28 days which is less than a month. I can only imagine her pain and anguish of having to go a month without a cellphone.
Has our society become so weak that we can actually feel sorry for somebody who believed they were above the law? That they can put other people’s lives at risk? What good are laws when we don’t enforce them? Not only should we not feel sorry for Paris Hilton, but she ought to be taken to the woodshed for her tyrade over having to go back to jail. She’s a spoiled brat that needs to grow up, or face the consequences of an unforgiving public that ends her career.

Bayou Pronunciation – Show Spelled Pronunciation[bahy-oo, bahy-oh] –noun, plural -ous. Chiefly Lower Mississippi Valley and Gulf States. 1. a marshy arm, inlet, or outlet of a lake, river, etc., usually sluggish or stagnant. 2. any of various other often boggy and slow-moving or still bodies of water.

Nola Blogger calls for the resignation of Congressman Bill Jefferson.

Hurricane Katrina takes just a little bit more away from Red Stick Rant.

Forgotston thumbs throught the budget proposal and let’s us know how the money is being spent.

Unbiased Media? Not so says Cajun Tiger.

Hooah Wife and Friends give their thoughts on the GOP debate.

Jeff Croure compares the legis to drunken sailors.

Louisiana Family Forum releases a report on the Stelly Plan.

Governor Kathleen Blanco gives Dr. Sadow another reason to question her leadership.

Mostly Cajun sums up the use of war in his D-Day post.

Paw Paw talks personal responsibility.

Sorry I don’t have more this week, I just didn’t get to browse blogs as much.

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Game of the week has me nostalgic: Asteroids

AsteroidsIn game description:

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