Louisiana Blogger Sunday Fais Do Do 6.3

June 3, 2007

Piyush – Louisiana code language meaning “Vote Bobby Jindal”. Often followed up with slams against the congressmen by members seeking to leave the dying circles of the KKK. Whenever you see or hear this term one must always assume the person using this term is actually reminding voters to stop the racism and vote Bobby Jindal. Sounds odd, but hey, it’s Louisiana.
Emily Metzgar has released her blog survey, it’s one hundred questions and it’s a chance to get information out there. I’d encourage you to take her survey.
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Hooah Wife and Friends gives a short take of the ACLU.

Croure ain’t eating chocolate, but ego is eating Chocolate city.

Sadow explains the Democrats plan for rebuilding New Orleans– make fun of Jindal’s name

I’m watching this new blog titled Redstick Rant but I’m curious, is this the same guy who played with fire on Rouge Room?

Anyway, that led me to discover a religious blog from Alexandria, La called Drell’s Descant’s.

And finally The Daily KingFish has suggested that Mayor Nagin might run for Governor.

Our game of the week is in honor of one of America’s Greatest President’s in Ronald Reagan. Today we give you Asteroids. This great President passed away on June 5th, 2004.

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