Louisiana Conservative Dot Com Endorses Jeff Landry in CD 3

November 2, 2012

Congressman Jeff Landry has proven himself to be the real conservative in the race for Congressional District 3. A veteran of the US Army, serving during Operation Desert Storm and receiving numerous commendations, he chose to continue to serve his country in public office.

He has worked hard to preserve our way of life in the coastal part of our state and continues to fight for drilling, farmers, fishermen and small business.

He’s fighting the overwhelming spending habit of our current administration by refusing to increase the debt ceiling, refusing to vote himself a pay raise (and even cut spending at his office in DC), refusing to vote for bailouts, and has even signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge to promise not to raise our taxes. Boustany has voted to increase the debt ceiling, to give himself a pay raise, to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and he refuses to sign such a pledge. As a matter of fact, Boustany has voted for over 5 trillion dollars more spending than Landry. We need a fiscal conservative to protect our investment in our country and is pushing for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Jeff Landry has opposed Obamacare while Boustany agrees with 80% of it according to his quote in The New Iberian Newspapaer. Landry continues to oppose publicly funded abortions while Boustany voted to fund Planned Parenthood. As the war on religion wages on, Landry has fought for family values and will continue to fight for our religious freedom.

Boustany has raised a million dollars from special interest groups in DC. Landry says, “Boustany really wants his job back. I want my country back.”

Landry is endorsed by:

Family Research Council
National Right to Life
FreedomWorks for America
Tea Party of Louisiana
Geaux Free TPL (Tea Party of Lafayette)
Calcasieu Parish Republican Executive Committee
Acadia Parish Republican Party
Iberia Parish Republican Party
St. Martin Parish Republican Party
St. Mary Parish Republican Party
Vermilion Parish Republican Party

A poll was recently taken of SWLA Tea Party members after a candidate forum. While this particular tea party group does not endorse, Landry received over 70% of the members’ votes with the Libertarian candidate following with 16%.

This race is important to the entire country not just Louisiana. We’ve complained about politicians like Charles Boustany for the big reckless spending. It’s time for change in our newly formed Congressional District 3 and Jeff Landry is the one who has proven himself in Washington as being the right change.


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