Louisiana Conservative Endorsements District 6 Slate 3

April 23, 2012

Four years ago, Louisiana Conservative Dot Com endorsed several people to serve as delegates to the Republican Party Louisiana State Convention. Over the past few months, we have been hard at work putting together a list of people who we believe will best represent Conservative values. Many people have been excluded, although they have been hard at work for other slates. For several reasons, we believe that many of those people are not going to be a good representation of conservative values. However, those tickets chose them for whatever reason. We will warn you, slates #1, #4, and #6 are clearly Ron Paul slates, and if you would like to verify, look at the names on those three slates. Your best bet for Conservative Values is the Louisiana Conservative Dot Com Slate #3.

We would encourage you to vote for our official slate since our members are pro-life, pro-second amendment, less taxes, less government conservatives. The owner of this website has forgone his opportunity to serve as delegate and will not be appearing on any ballot or any slate. The official slate for Louisiana Conservative Dot Com is Slate #3. If you choose to vote for a slate, remember, Slate #3 is the only official slate for Louisiana Conservative Dot Com.

If you choose to vote for people individually, we would suggest our list of candidates to vote for. Clicking on this link, you will find a list of caucus locations.

Slate 3
Troy E Allen
Derek L Babcock
Thomas A “Tony” Boudreau
Joan “Kay” Burleigh
Vicki Cloutier
Chris Comeaux
Jonathan Davis
Vickie Davis
Robin Harris Edwards
Kathryn Goppelt
Valarie Hodges
Robert W. Lee
Kenneth C. McMillan
Chadwick Melder
Margaret Moreland
Jonah Mumphrey
Happy Olinde
Richard Perkins
Tony Perkins
Mabel C. Pino
Jolice Provost
Jr. Shelton
Alexandra Favre Smith
Austin Stukins
Greg Treadway
Alternate Delegates
Lawrence Burleigh
Jo Campbell
Joshua G Chauvin
Lou Goppelt
Lynne Graner
Rylan T. Grimmer
J. Clifford Grout III
Ramsey G. Horn
Dwight Hudson
Laura O’Halloran
Lawana Perkins
Jeffrey G Welsh

Surfing the Net with kids

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Earobics: GameGoo www.earobics.com/gamegoo/gooey.html Earobics is a K-3 “reading intervention” product from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. GameGoo is the free, online educational practice game component. For a list of educational standards addressed in each game (such as identifying the letters in words), follow the Home button to the Teachers & Parents link. The games (arranged on the menu from advanced to beginner) are colorful, noisy, fun, and just plain wonderful.

Scholastic.com: Flashlight Readers www.teacher.scholastic.com/activities/flashlightreaders/ T_landingPage.asp “Go inside your favorite reads” with online games from Scholastic, along with author notes, photos, and audio interviews. Ten popular young adult books are featured, including “Because of Winn-Dixie” by Kate DiCamillo, “Holes” by Louis Sachar, and “Hoot” by Carl Hiassen. The site includes teacher and parent guides with ideas on how to reinforce “reading skills in fun and meaningful ways.” Kabongo www.kabongo.com Reading is Fundamental: Leading to Reading www.rif.org/kids/leadingtoreading/en/leadingtoreading.htm Reading is Fundamental divides its online activity center into two age groups: Reading Planet for ages 6 to 15, and Leading to Reading for zero (zero?) to 5 years old. With great graphics and fun game play, these colorful online reading activities and interactive books are sure to please. To access Reading Planet (for kids over 5), look for the link in the horizontal menu at the bottom of any page.

Starfall www.starfall.com Starfall offers four levels of interactive reading resources for pre-K through second-grade from ABCs and phonics to read-along plays and short stories. “Every word on the site is clickable and will read aloud. In this way, your child’s speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary can grow alongside his curiosity.” Although the interactive stories are the star of the show at Starfall, don’t overlook the printable downloads which include a Reading and Writing Journal, Reading Awards, Phonics Puzzles, and printouts to accompany many of the stories. They can be accessed from the Download Center link at the very bottom of the home page. planetsforkidsnow.net planets for kids



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