Louisiana Conservative Endorsements – Round 2

September 15, 2011

There are still some relatively easy picks for us at Louisiana Conservative to endorse, and we will be making our picks in the remaining state wide races as well as local races. We’ll start at the top this time.

Governor Bobby Jindal (R) — Governor, Louisiana
When Governor Bobby Jindal (R) — Governor, Louisiana speaks to conservatives, he seems to have a strong grasp of what conservatism is all about. We enjoy listening to Jindal speak on conservative issues, he’s one of the best conservative voices in America. Jindal, from time to time, can be a disappointment often leaving many of us on the Right at risk for baldness due to the pulling out of our own hair. Jindal however, earns our endorsement because when the State of Louisiana needed him the most, he’s delivered. Even though it was 6 years ago, the fumbling and bumbling of the Blanco administration during Hurricane Katrina is still fresh in many of our minds. Bobby Jindal delivers in a moment of crisis. You can visit Bobby Jindal’s website here and make a contribution here.

Buddy Caldwell (R) – Attorney General, Louisiana
Buddy Caldwell was criticized by Louisiana Conservative when he ran four years ago. We humbly apologize and give him our gratitude for a job well done. When it comes to two statewide offices, both Attorney General and Secretary of State, the only two things that really matters is honesty and competence. Buddy Caldwell has proven himself to this state to be both. Before he switched parties, Buddy Caldwell was the only Democrat Attorney General to join the lawsuit against Obamacare. His opponent, Joseph Cao, was the only Republican to vote for Obamacare. Our pick is a slam dunk, Buddy Caldwell. You can visit his website here and make a contribution here.

Tom Schedler (R) – Secretary of State, Louisiana
In some of our statewide races, we at Louisiana Conservative find some choices easier than others. Secretary of State is not an easy choice for us and though we like Jim Tucker, we must go with Tom Schedler. Our decision comes down to a choice that Speaker of the House Jim Tucker made, and that was the pay raises. We understood that maybe the legislators needed a pay raise, but it came at a time when the taxpayers were feeling the pinch of high gas prices, was to go into effect almost immediately, and was to high of an increase. Speaker Tucker stood by the legislators, led the legislators, and led the debacle. It is for this reason that our endorsement shifts to Tom Schedler. You can visit his website here and make a contribution to his campaign here.

Pat Phillips (R) – District 89, State Representative Pat Phillips gets our endorsement against incumbent Tim Burns. It has not escaped the attention that Tim Burns has a tendency to float during some votes and though he’s probably going to win, we think the constituents of District 89 deserve a man who isn’t afraid to make tough decisions. You can visit his website here and make a contribution here.

Troy Terrell (R) – District 38, State Senate
Troy Terrell is our choice in large part because we have concluded that Sherri Cheek Smith doesn’t deliver as advertised. We believe that we would get a much more conservative candidate in Troy Terrell. You can visit his website here and make a contribution to his campaign here.

Simone Champagne (R) – State Representative, District 49
We’re not exactly sure why Simone Champagne is drawing opposition from the Republican side, but as far as we can tell, she’s been a solid conservative and she is more than deserving of re-election. It seems to us that her constituents are being asked to sacrifice the good in order to achieve the perfect, and the perfect candidate is nothing more than a utopian dream. Simone is an easy choice to make. You can visit her website here and contribute to her campaign here.

We will continue to make endorsements over the next few days and weeks. If you would like to make a case for any specific candidate, please email us at louisianaconservative@email.com


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