Louisiana Conservative Endorsements – Round 3

September 19, 2011

Some of our previous endorsements were very easy picks for us, such as Caldwell over Cao due to their stance on Obamacare. Other picks were easier for us due to the process of elimination as was the case in district 81 with Democrat turned Republican in order to run (Wheat), Droopy (Schexnayder), and Hull who manages to somehow be proud to be a Democrat. The choice for us came down to quality candidates: fresh blood (O’Halloran) over status quo (Windham). Our next endorsement follows that lead.

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Billy Nungesser (R) – Lt. Governor, Louisiana

Regardless of who we pick in this race, we certainly will upset quite a few people, but we’ve made a decision. Billy Nungesser is our pick for Lt. Governor over incumbent Jay Dardenne in large part because Nungesser rolled up his sleeves and put up a fight against the Obama administration. Would Dardenne have done the same given Nungesser’s shoes? Who knows, but given Dardenne’s controversial vote on the abortion bill, it’s tough to say. Either he mistakenly voted against the bill or he intentionally did it, but even mistakenly with his experience is inexcusable. We like Dardenne well enough, but our state needs some people who are willing to put up a fight and not take a chance with someone making a silly “mistake”. You can visit Billy Nungesser’s website here and make a contribution to his campaign here.

Derek Babcock (R) – District 13, State Senate

What we like about both candidates is that they have know the insurance industry and given that our current President of the country doesn’t a thing about insurance before he fixes health care insurance, it’s rather refreshing. Again a tough choice for us, but Erdey’s 59% vote with LABI seems to suggest that he isn’t as pro-business as he touts himself to be. Though this is Erdey’s first time as State Senator, he was a representative on the House side and his father was a former mayor. Once again, we’re going to go with the fresh blood here and pick Derek Babcock because Babcock seems to have a better grasp on conservatism as well has having that extra fight that we think this great state needs. You can visit Derek Babcock’s website here and make a campaign contribution here.
Cenla Politics

Cenla brings it’s own flare to Louisiana politics, where two bloggers have a urinating contest over which one is what, or who, er, I don’t know, but apparently they are both disabled. Anyway, neither one of them is a Republican, but get this, one of them actually worked for the mayor while he was throwing stones at people… from his computer. Seems to me that Cenla needs men who can lead because apparently Mayor Jacques Roy isn’t getting the job done by allowing his employees to act in such a manner.

Lowell “Chris” Hazel (R) – District 27, State Representative

We break our anti-incumbent trend in Cenla with our endorsement of Lowell “Chris” Hazel. We have been very please with Hazel’s job performance and see very little need to replace him. You can visit Chris Hazel’s website here and make a contribution here.

Barett Byrd (R) – District 25, State Representative

Send in the Marine- Barett Byrd. Still, serving in the military isn’t an electable qualification by itself so the question is, does Barett Byrd have the conservative umph that we’re looking for and that answer is yes. More importantly, Barrett Byrd is a man who can make tough decisions. It helps us along that his opponent seems to have a connection to the current mayor of Alexandria. You can visit his website here and make a contribution here.

We’re not anti-incumbent! The following incumbents get our endorsement.

Alan Seabaugh (R) – District 5 – State Representative
You can visit Alan Seabaugh’s website here and make a contribution here.

Sam Little (R) – District 14, State Representative
You can visit Sam Little’s website here and make a contribution here.

A.G. Crowe (R) – District 1, State Senate
You can visit A. G. Crowe’s website here and make a contribution here.

Edited to be more reflective of endorsements.


The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) October 11, 2003 Byline: carolyn shapiro THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT VIRGINIA BEACH — Look out, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Stein Mart and Target.

There’s a new store in town.

Its name is Kohl’s. And it has started wooing the loyal customers of other local department stores and off-price retailers. web site kohls coupons printable

Kohl’s Department Stores Inc. held its grand opening Friday for its first stores in Hampton Roads – at Pembroke Mall and in Chesapeake, on Sam’s Circle off Battlefield Boulevard. Known for pricing that falls somewhere between department store and discount giant, Kohl’s new outlets had begun welcoming customers Sunday as part of “soft” openings that let them fix any glitches and fine-tune displays.

Courtney Currie, 22, received a Kohl’s flier with a $10 off coupon to lure her to the Pembroke store. She was happy to come and search for fall clothes at bargain prices.

“The brands that they have here look good,” said Currie, who has lived near the mall for about 10 years. “They’ve got really cute purses right here. They’ve got a lot of shoes.” Kohl’s provides a more convenient alternative to T.J. Maxx and A.J. Wright, where Currie often shops, she said. “This is what I was hoping for, something like this to come to the mall here.” Mary Cooke said she usually shops at Dillard’s, Hecht’s and Stein Mart. “I see some of the same things I see there” for less money, said the 53-year-old Virginia Beach resident, as she looked at women’s slacks, blouses and jackets.

With two daughters and a shopping fanatic of a wife, George Pender Jr. carries no loyalty to a particular store – only to a reasonable price tag. Kohl’s fit his bill.

At the Pembroke store, he grabbed two pairs of boot-cut Levi’s jeans for his wife, each $29.99, compared with the usual $40 to $50.

“If the prices stay like this, it’s going to be good,” Pender, 39, said of the store. A nylon sweat suit hanging nearby caught his attention. “For 30 bucks, you can’t beat it.” Kohl’s, a national chain based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., now has 15 stores in Virginia. The company plans to open 48 locations in October, bringing the chain to 542 stores in 36 states.

“It’s kind of neat to bring Kohl’s home,” said Julie Abretski, the Pembroke store’s manager, who grew up in Virginia Beach.

It took about five minutes for store staff to distribute 600 free tote bags to the first shoppers, who had lined up outside Kohl’s for the 8 a.m. ribbon cutting, Abretski said. She has helped Kohl’s open stores in Mechanicsville, outside Richmond, and in Maryland.

“It’s more than what we expected,” she said of the crowd Friday in Virginia Beach, as she cringed at the rumpled state of the shelves, which hours earlier held tidy stacks of merchandise.

Shoppers, though, couldn’t contain themselves. They crowded into Kohl’s, where the aisles were as congested as the roads leading to the store. “Lowest Prices of the Season,” announced signs atop most racks.

“This is made out of that stuff – I don’t know what you call it,” said one man, fingering a tan microfiber jacket. He searched the racks for the right size. “These are 30-dollar coats,” he told his wife. “Regular, $70.” Around the corner, a mother did a quick calculation on a purse marked 40 percent off: “That’s 22 dollars. So you can get that for $13.20.” Another couple examined a shelf of slow cookers . “These’d make good Christmas gifts,” the woman said. kohlscouponsprintablenow.com kohls coupons printable

Kohl’s is a cornerstone of a refurbished Pembroke Mall, which has struggled in recent years to hold onto tenants and traffic. The mall’s Stein Mart, which also underwent a renovation and boasts a “bigger & better” sign out front, stands adjacent to Kohl’s and resembles it in layout, types of products and prices. Stein Mart even has black-mesh shopping carts similar to those at Kohl’s.

Eva Gill and Mimi Karesh moved on to Stein Mart after checking out Kohl’s. Gill bought some place mats at Kohl’s and found the housewares “fabulous.” But the new store won’t lure her away from the well-priced brands she prefers at Stein Mart, she said. “This is an old friend.” Reach Carolyn Shapiro at 446-2270 or carolyn.shapiro pilotonline.com CAPTION(S):

COLOR PHOTO YOON S. BYUN Shoppers stop to smell scented candles at Kohl’s department store in Virginia Beach on Friday during its grand opening.

PHOTO YOON S. BYUN Potential shoppers brave the rain for the grand opening of Kohl’s department store at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach.

COLOR VP MAP (For a complete copy, see microfilm for this date.)



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