Louisiana Conservative’s Endorsements Slate 3 District 2

April 23, 2012

Four years ago, Louisiana Conservative Dot Com endorsed several people to serve as delegates to the Republican Party Louisiana State Convention. Over the past few months, we have been hard at work putting together a list of people who we believe will best represent Conservative values. Many people have been excluded, although they have been hard at work for other slates. For several reasons, we believe that many of those people are not going to be a good representation of conservative values. However, those tickets chose them for whatever reason. We will warn you, slates #1, #4, and #6 are clearly Ron Paul slates, and if you would like to verify, look at the names on those three slates. Your best bet for Conservative Values is the Louisiana Conservative Dot Com Slate #3.

We would encourage you to vote for our official slate since our members are pro-life, pro-second amendment, less taxes, less government conservatives. The owner of this website has forgone his opportunity to serve as delegate and will not be appearing on any ballot or any slate. The official slate for Louisiana Conservative Dot Com is Slate #3. If you choose to vote for a slate, remember, Slate #3 is the only official slate for Louisiana Conservative Dot Com.

If you choose to vote for people individually, we would suggest our list of candidates to vote for. Clicking on this link, you will find a list of caucus locations.

Slate 3

Paul Besse
Winnie Brown
Nelson J. Cantrelle III
Joseph Cao
Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux
Penny Frame
Lloyd A. Harsch
Nicholas M James
Woody Jenkins
Mary Kass
John Kerry
Jared L’Hoste
Ed Markle
Lorraine Metzler
Garrett C. Monti
Robert C. Monti
Alice Baird Munger
Dennis Nuss
Clifford Ockman
George A. Peterson
John M. Robert Sr.
Sarah E. Roy
Robbye St. Pierre
Bryan Wagner
George White
Alternate Delegates
Monica D. Monti


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