Louisiana Justice Fund or Fraud?

November 12, 2007

Small town District Attorney Buddy Caldwell never had much too worry about as D.A. In a town where the Fire Department is more likely to be called out because a cat’s stuck in a tree than a fire and the local police don’t have much more to do than sit under the shade of a tree with a radar gun giving tickets to people for going five miles over the speed limit, what’s to worry about?
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We all know what a great golfer Buddy Caldwell has become, thanks in large part to his lowering his handicap at taxpayers expense, and then threatening and using racist and vulgar language towards the auditors. Readers of Louisiana Conservative dot com also are aware of how he attacked a judge with bribery and extortion charges only to mysteriously drop the charges. In the process he ruined the reputation of five people and who knows, maybe Buddy Caldwell got a pocket full of change out of that deal.

We also know that Buddy Caldwell is so unfamiliar with the courtrooms, that when he’s faced with an actual murder in his district, he doesn’t know the first thing about the proceedings, showing us all that he too can pull an Eddie Jordan and let criminals back onto the street. Maybe he called Eddie Jordan for advice? Regardless, another Louisiana suspect is back on the streets without ever having been tried, but that fact that it’s in a small town is absolutely inexcusable. Perhaps Buddy Caldwell was too busy chasing golf balls while spending taxpayers money?

Maybe this multi-matrimonial American was too busy searching for new wives over at Planned Parenthood, where he’s been building close relations with the pro partial-birth abortion crowd. Well maybe not entirely close, but close enough that they are willing to take money away from poor women and spend it on helping Buddy Caldwell get elected as District Attorney, leaving the voters of Louisiana wondering will Buddy Caldwell actually defend Louisiana’s new law outlawing partial-birth abortion. And why is it called Partial Birth abortion? Shouldn’t it be called partial-infanticide?

The group Louisiana Justice Fund which list Derek Fitch of Baton Rouge as it’s contact person, has been asking people to donate money to help poor women get abortions only to turn around and spend it on helping a pro-abortion candidate get elected Attorney General.

Perhaps this is the same Derek Fitch that is a photographer for the Baton Rouge newspaper the Advocate. I find it a little difficult to believe that we have two Derek Fitch’s in Baton Rouge. Derek Fitch is also a board member of Forum 35.

A Google search of Louisiana Justice Fund brings up numerous Planned Parent pages, including this one asking people to give to poor Louisiana women so they can have an abortion, through the Justice Fund. Clicking the pic will take you to their site. *Screen shots taken from Houston’s Planned Parenthood’s website


At the bottom of the page you will find

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Can our state afford another liberal who will put his politics above the good of the state? The real question is, do we want an Attorney General, or do we want Buddy Caldwell?


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