Louisiana’s Anti-Gun Republicans

October 15, 2011

One of the most important things to conservatism is the “Right To Bear Arms”. Without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment doesn’t matter. Try being unarmed and speaking your mind while having a gun to your head. It simply doesn’t work that way. It’s the most basic principle of freedom that people have the Right to defend themselves and to take necessary measures to defend their families. To ensure that our “conservatives” are actually “Conservative”, we went to the NRA website and compared their rating with our research.

While some may disagree that gun ownership is a necessary step in defense, I’m willing to bet that not one of the gun control advocates would be willing to put a sign in their front yard that says “Attention Thieves: We don’t own guns, but we will call 911 and you will go to jail”.

What is absolutely mind boggling is that in a district that has both a Cabela’s and a Bass Pro just outside their district, there are two Republican candidates that couldn’t even get the NRA questions right. In District 81 Clay Schexnayder and Gillis Windham both could only muster a “C” grade from the NRA. Whaaaaaaa? And moreover, Clay Schexnayder’s own website says he will “Support the 2nd amendment–No exceptions!”. Whaaaaaaa? Maybe Clay Schexnayder doesn’t understand that the Second Amendment isn’t about a trip the men’s room. Well, stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

Ditto for Coral “CJ” Lambert. How do you have a Cabela’s in the district while being a Republican and still be anti-Second Amendment? Stupid is as stupid does… I suppose.

In the case of Barbara Thomas, we endorse her despite this single issue. In her case, she is the best option. The following list of Republican candidates below are not pro-gun based on their answers to the NRA. We also will list who we endorse in that race, for your convenience.

State Senator

None – Nita Hutter had the lowest grade by a Republican running for State Senate with a “B” grade from the NRA
*Louisiana Conservative endorsed her opponent A.G. Crowe.

State Representative

District 14
Michael Echols
*Louisiana Conservative endorses his opponent Sam Little

District 48
Taylor Barras
*Louisiana Conservative did not endorse, no opponent.

District 53
Billy J. Hebert
*Louisiana Conservative endorses his opponent Theresa Ellender

District 63
Barbara Thomas
*Louisiana Conservative endorses Barbara Thomas in this race.

District 81
Clay Schexnayder
Gillis Windham
*Louisiana Conservative endorses their opponent Laura O’Halloran

District 88
Coral “CJ” Lambert
*Louisiana Conservative endorses his opponent John Berthelot

District 98
John “Fenn” French
*Louisiana Conservative did not endorse in this race



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