Love of Nation, Love of Another Woman

March 11, 2011

In a recent interview the former President when asked about his many affairs during his time in office BJ Clinton proclaimed the past mistakes ”were driven by how passionately he felt about this country.” He claims that his love for our great nation caused him to work too much and not spend enough time with his spouse causing them to grow apart and making him vulnerable to certain temptations… Wait this interview wasn’t with Clinton… It was with NEWT GINGRICH!!! Now I’ve seen everything!
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That’s right, the former Speaker of the House and now Presidential hopeful tried to justify his actions by covering the scandal with the Flag and claims of patriotism. This despicable act alone is enough for me to not even consider the man for this all too important job. No one is perfect, and I’m willing to accept it, but this action to me is more deplorable than Bill lying under oath to congress ever was. I want a leader who is willing to own up to past mistakes and learn from them, not try to excuse them. Right now our nation is under attack from within and we need a leader with the real moral fortitude to fight back, and to do that our leader must have sound moral principles and Speaker Gingrich has proven to me that he has anything but.


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