Made In China!!

September 21, 2011

Okay, just where am I going to go with this? You have seen nor rather read my piece on Made In the United States, if not go back and read that one and you may be able to see where I am going with this one. Think about this for just one minute, if we took all the jobs that have been placed in China, we may not have a problem with people in our nation being out of work. If you think that could not happen, just take the number of products found in just Wal Mart! The United States has over 4,000 stores here in the United States and if we could see just lets say just for the purpose of small figures, 20 jobs per store, that would result in 40,000 jobs “CREATED” here in the United States! Now maybe you or a blind person could see why buying products made here in the United States really does matter an awful lot.

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In reality, just for the sake of doing it, go into any store and check to see just how many products are really made here in the United States. Go into your hardware store just around the corner and check the aisle to see just how many products in that one aisle is really made here in the United States! Would it surprise you to know that most of the nuts and bolts in your local hardware store are, “MADE IN CHINA”!!! I am sure that no matter where you go, you will find more products made outside our nation then are made within our borders, and you still wonder why we don’t have jobs here? Has it ever made you stop just once to see just how many objects are really made here in the good United States? When and if you ever decide to look on the shelves to see, you will be surprised and stop wondering why we don’t have jobs here within the borders of the United States! Mainly because most of the items we buy on a daily basis are “Made in China”!

Some will be quick to say that this is the way the new “world” operates, but this is not true. We do NOT have to buy products “Made in China”, even fireworks can be bought that are made here in the United States! I just happened to be looking through donations from General Electric, you know that company, the CEO whom also sits on the New York Federal reserve Board, his name is Jeffrey Immelt and he is also the Jobs Czar and sits on the Presidents board of economic advisors, now that is one bunch of conflict of interests, but I am wondering off point so to get back, General Electric is one of the companies that layed off workers in the numbers of 35,000 here in the United states while “CREATING” 25,000 jobs in where? CHINA!!!

How crazy is this, a man who works for the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, is also an Economic Advisor for President, (and I have to use that term very liberal), Obama, and is also handed the job of being the man whom is supposed to “Create” jobs as the Obama Jobs Czar, well he has Created jobs, only they were created in, once again, where? CHINA!! Now how is it that one man can have such standing in places that matter to the very people that are looking for JOBS here in the United States? One only has to go back to see just how much money was “donated” to “senator” Obama. Does it matter that so many jobs here have been sent over to China? Yes, it matters an awful lot, just ask anyone looking for a job now. If they were in China, they could find work, if they were of Chinese national decent! One cannot just walk into China and get a job, unless you just happen to be Jefferey Immelt then it would be no problem because you helped “CREATE” jobs in CHINA!!!

Let me get back to the basic idea I began with, if we as Citizens of the United States made the decision to STOP buying products from China and began buying products made here in the United States, then we would see the mass un employment begin to fall, we would see money begin to flow back into our pockets, we would see our dreams begin to materialize. But before we can see all this, we MUST begin to buy products made here in the United States and NOT from CHINA!!! I can hear some now say that this is a world economy and the United States cannot do this, but for those too young to understand where I am coming from, allow me to state this; the United States at one time could produce ANYTHING it wanted, yes we had to buy some materials from overseas, but our nation did not have to bow down to demands and nations just because we wanted a product from them. It was actually the other way around, other nations would bow down to us, the United States and ask if they could be so bold as to sell us their products!
Products were made in the United States and NOT in CHINA! Many times one would be frowned upon if they had bought products from “CHINA”.

I must admit that it was also a time when the people of this nation did not like to be handed anything, if they could not work for it, they did not want it. Now it is almost a foregone conclusion that if we don’t get something for free, we must be doing something wrong. You see, I can remember when people here in the United States were a proud people, they worked hard to get their dreams, they would not cower back if someone said they had offended them, they would simply look at the “offended” person and say rather simply, so! It was not a problem being “Offended” since it made you stronger, but that was in time so long ago, maybe some 30 years ago, before we accepted “CHINA” as a friend, before “Made In China” was a standard fixture upon the shelves of stores nation wide! If we as a nation really want to become strong and held to a higher standard once again, then we should TRASH anything, “Made in China”!

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