Made In The USA!

July 23, 2011

A mere dozen letters yet they mean so very much to the world and our nations economy! There once was a time when these dozen letters meant so very much to people when they bought anything. If it was not, “Made In The USA”, they would not buy it because they knew it meant that jobs here within our own nation would be here when they woke up the next morning. It also meant that quality was number one and that few nations could make quality items like we here in the USA could. Now where has this idea and feeling gone?

A dozen letters, they seem to mean nothing now because those of us born after 1950 and on have not felt the heartbeat of the very nation we live in. We have forgone the very idea that if we buy the “Made In The USA” we would be helping our neighbor or maybe a friend or relative keep their job. These 12 letters had meant so very much about our nation, it was pride, honor and most of all devotion to the very nation that we live in.

Why should just a dozen letters ever mean so very much? It meant so very much because we could build anything right here within the confines of our nation and few if anyone else in the world could do what we had done. During World War 2 our nation had women working in jobs normally handled by men because most of the men were fighting the war. But our nation had something it seems to have lost, a pride that no one could do what OUR nation could do! Many of the people now living have their hands wrapped up in their own little projects that will only benefit themselves and they don’t really care about what happens after they get what they want. It does not matter to them that the, “Made In The USA” stamp meant pride in our nation.

Many of the younger people today don’t care much about what happens here in the United States of America, but they should. Many would rather drive around in a Toyota, or a Nissan, or another Foreign made car rather then buying one made here in the USA. If they would sit back and think of what they are doing they may reconsider their ideas for buying a Foreign made car or anything not “Made In The USA”. Even if some of these cars are assembled here in the United States, the profit goes to the foreign nations and not to our nation. We, the people of the United States have turned our back upon God and our country, and soon, very soon we will be paying a price that few of us today have ever paid before, and it will not be a pretty day at all.

“Made in The USA” a dozen letters that carry so many jobs, so very many hopes and dreams with them. Yet go to almost any store and pick up an item and see just where it was made at. Most will show China, a Communist nation where the people make a huge $0.85 an hour and are forced to live above the factory they work at to cut costs. I should also mention that China, no matter how pretty they are painted is still an enemy since they would like nothing better then to defeat the United States and take control of this nation. You will also find items made in Vietnam, India, and from all over the middle east and the world. Many of these items are made by the companies that once had their manufacturing plants here in the United States.

How did we lose all these companies and why did they set up new plants in India, China, and all over the world? Remember that our great Congress began spending more that it was taking in, much like it is today, well, they increased the corporate tax rates beyond what many companies could pay and make a profit. Many found out that it would be cheaper to make their product in other nations that did not charge them an arm and leg in taxes and they could reap large profits even with shipping costs because they could pay cheap labor. Some labor amounted to as little as $32.00 a month for the people in India to do the same thing that was done in the United States for $12.00 an hour. The United States had at one time all along the Eastern part of the nation plants where shirts, shoes, suits, and all sorts of other items were made here in our nation placing many in jobs that paid well. Congress saw all this money and instead of investing it, they spent it.

“Made In The USA” twelve letters that meant jobs, taxes and a life that provided for a family, a car, sometimes two, a house and the “American Dream”. But after Congress and the people got together to in a way stick to big business for making all that money and creating all those jobs and now our nation sits on the very edge of a cliff that is crumbling beneath our feet. We all contributed to this problem by our actions, Congress by spending more and more and then taxing companies more and more to where it is cheaper for them to go overseas then it is for them to stay here and put our people to work, and of course each and every one of us no matter from what part of the ladder we may be on. We each have failed this nation by buying the “cheap’ foreign, mostly Chinese made, products. This gives jobs to China while closing the doors to plants here within our nation!

“Made In The USA” I wonder if someday maybe these twelve little letters will ever be demanded once again? Maybe our nation can build the wide screen TV’s we all like, after all at one time almost all televisions made were made here in the United States. But after World War 2 we helped the Japanese rebuild their nation and gave them all sorts of new technology and they in turn backwards engineered many of our products and then made them much cheaper then we could build them causing many people to buy Japanese rather then USA! Then President Ronald Reagan opened up the flood gates and said we need to drop all our tariffs to make our nation competitive in the world market. Few understood just what would happen to our industries and what happened led to plants closing and moving to Japan, Mexico, China, India, and all over. Plants that once employed 2,000 or more people now shut down to move to the much cheaper labor.

Today very few items are “Made in The USA”, I looked hard to find a simple lock and could not find one “Made In The USA”, most if not all were made in China, and yet they still charge the same price for what is made much cheaper. We, you and I, and all those born after 1950 are to blame for the vast loss of jobs within this nation. None of us can sit back and say we did not contribute to the problem, each time we go to Wal Mart, or any other large store and buy an item we support Communism and China! There is no other way to say it without being true. We the people of the United States of America, the USA, we are to blame for the failure of our nation and we can point fingers at our Congress, our Presidents and everyone who says we need to open up their so called, “FREE TRADE” because that is not true when the trade hurts our nation and helps another, what is “FREE” about that? How can our nation even think of competing with those nations when in some cases they don’t even pay their people fifty cents a day?

People, if we really wish to get out of this huge hole our nation is about to fall into, we HAVE to start demanding that Corporate taxes be dropped, that we leave the private industry alone so they can build their products and we can once again be extremely proud to say it was “Made In The USA”! It is up to us, no one else can do this, Congress is lost, the President is in his own little world where his closest advisors tell him the world is a rosy place when it is on fire and it is up to you and me to correct this problem and we cannot do it until we get some of these jobs back here within our nations borders! If we fail to do this the United States of America will fail and become a monster we do NOT want to leave to our grandchildren or their children! It IS now or never, we have reached the end and if we do not drop the corporate taxes, bring the manufacturing plants back here and put OUR people to work, our nation will not be able to survive and continue. It will be much better to see “Made In The USA” then any other place since if we see this on an item we know that people here in the United States are working and not some one in a big plant under deplorable conditions doing the same thing our people could be doing! It is time to bring back the most important 12 letters our nation needs, “Made In The USA”!

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