Male/Female Wage Gap does not exist

April 29, 2011

Here is a great video to watch.

Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum tells us that the alleged ‘wage gap’ between men and women does not really exist.  She debunks the Department of Labor statistic that women make only 77% of a man.

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Watch the video here:

Wage Gap Between Men and Women – C-SPAN Video Library


Carrie says:

“This is an incredibly misleading statistic.  This does not mean that your co-worker who is doing exactly the same job is making more than you, … when you start controlling for those variables, the wage gap shrinks, and sometimes even disappears and sometimes even reverses…”

She rebuts President Obama’s claim and request for “Paycheck Fairness Act” with this:

“First I want to say on the President’s comments, it is unfortunate that the President is (indistinct) this statistic and trying to convince women that what that statistic means is that women are receiving less for equal work because I don’t think that anybody would come out here and try to tell women that they are being paid 75 cents of a man for a job, and that is what the President implies, so that troubles me…”

“We can debate the merits of the paycheck fairness act, which is really about the right of women to sue and to have a longer horizon in which to sue their employer.  I think there are already a lot of protections in the law for women and I worry, money that is spent on layers is not spent on other jobs…”

It is very satisfying to see someone finally tell the truth about the wage situation between men and women.

When I got my first job, fresh out of college in 1984, the major chemical firm that I hired into was preferentially hiring women and was offering those women salaries slightly higher than the men that they employed.

Five years later, the reverse discrimination situation for hiring men at that firm had gotten so bad that one young graduate and his girl friend decided to package themselves as a two for one deal so that he could get a job.  She would only agree to work for the company if they would also hire her boyfriend.

Watch the C-Span video for the full interview of Ms. Lukas.


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