Mary Buckled and Kneeled?

November 24, 2009

Before Senator Mary Landrieu announced that she was going to vote to send the health care bill to the Senate floor, I openly questioned the value of the 100 million, or 300 million bribe that Mary Landrieu got for the state of Louisiana. I couldn’t imagine that the people in Louisiana would remember the money stashed away in the bill, yet forget that she voted against the wishes of a very passionate and emotional constituency. It seemed to me that the passion against certainly outweighed the benefits of being for, that if her constituents will remember anything, they will remember that she voted to severely alter their health care.

What seemed even more problematic to me, is the effects of the legislation will take effect just prior to her re-election. In fact the people of Louisiana are so passionate about this issue, that with a Senatorial election already underway, the once embattled Senator Vitter now finds him in a much better situation against Democrat Congressman Charlie Melancon, who like Landrieu, listened to the Democrat leadership in Washington. Charlie Melancon, who just last year was re-elected with no opposition has no choice but to run for the Senate, or be ran out of town by his constituents. To make matters worse for Melancon, while the Senate campaign is heating up, Mary Landrieu is going to be the Senator everybody is talking about, and the more she infuriates the people of Louisiana, the more they will vote anti-Democrat. It’s not just Landrieu she’s hurting.

WAFB ran a story tonight suggesting that she got the money to help Bobby Jindal. Perhaps Landrieu’s saddlebacking on Jindal’s popularity, perhaps Jindal is more than happy to take the money, maybe so. Still, the politics of Hurricane Katrina is starting to run really thin with the people of Louisiana. We’ve been hit with 2 severe hurricanes since then, including Gustav which affected every parish in the state. The people of Louisiana have been ready to move on with their lives since Hurricane Katrina, but certain politicians can’t seem to let go of the big government teet, milking it for every last drop. For Mary Landrieu to manage somehow to put Hurricane Katrina into a bill altering our health care is appalling, and serves as the finest example of a welfare mentality that prevents the advancement of people. Why work to rebuild Louisiana and restore our economy, when we can remain plagued with poverty for the next decade and claim pity money from the federal government?

But I thought it could be something else, as the words that crossed these pages noted the day before Landrieu’s vote:

So why is Mary Landrieu so willing to betray her state knowing what’s in this bill, and knowing that much of this takes effect just before her re-election? One has to wonder if Obama’s administration has the goods on Landrieu, that there’s a reason the FBI is coming down so hard on Louisiana, and why Mary Landrieu stuck her nose into Baton Rouge’s bond election. It wasn’t that long ago that Nancy Pelosi got a few Democrats in the house to buckle their knees with threats of ethics investigations

Unbeknown to me at the time, as as was broken by Chad Rogers of the Dead Pelican earlier today, Senator Mary Landrieu was having an ethics complaint filed against her with the FEC on Friday. How… convenient. It seems a little unnatural, at least to me, that a left leaning organization would file a complaint against an ally on the eve of what is considered to be a vote that would considerably alter the course of this nation. Make that extremely unnatural.

Is this administration using the strong arm tactics that was an exclusive exercise of third world dictators? One has to wonder, did Mary Landrieu’s knees buckle? Did she bow lower to Harry Reid than Obama could to Hugo Chavez? Did she lick his boot? If she didn’t vote his way, would it be safe to say that these charges would be pursued by the FEC? Can we expect this to be nothing more than a mere oversight like the Tax Chairman Charlie Rangel (D) conveniently not paying his taxes, or like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who made some minor errors to his income taxes? For most people those same errors would be major, but when you’re friends with Barack the possibilities are endless, even murder can be a minor incident. It’ll be interesting to watch how Senator Mary Landrieu votes, with her constituents, or with the administration. And if the two clash and she choses her constituents, exactly what will become of those charges?

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