Mary… Mary… Quite Controversial?

December 9, 2009

“The bad news is that only 49 percent of all registered voters in the country turned out for the last election, the good news is that 107 percent of the voters turned out in one New Orleans precinct.” — Former Congressman Billy Tauzin (R-La.).

Over the last three years, I’ve fielded many questions from my friends across the nation, and often relating to the re-election of Ray Nagin. I’d tried to explain, but many wouldn’t hear of it. They thought we were stupid for re-electing Ray Nagin, they could not believe that Ray Nagin would continue to be the mayor, they said it was because he was black. How could we re-elect Ray Nagin? A few would listen and I told them, it was for the good of the nation. Far fetched? It may have been the difference between Bobby Jindal being our governor and Kathleen Blanco. It may have meant Barack Obama won Louisiana, instead of John McCain. It may have meant that we would be in a very tough position to keep David Vitter as our Senator. By re-electing Ray Nagin, New Orleans paid the nation back for all the help they recieved after Hurricane Katrina by garunteeing honest elections.

Keep in mind, if New Orleans voted Ray Nagin in because “He’s black”, then one only needs to look at Morris Reed, a Democrat, a black Democrat who lost to a white candidate in a city that’s 70% black. From World:

Sen. Landrieu and her allies dismiss the Jenkins challenge as groundless, a quixotic crusade based on pride, sexism, and racism. But they’re not quite sure what to do about Morris Reed, a black man who is a Democrat. He’s also a former police officer, a former assistant U.S. Attorney handling civil-rights cases, and a former district court judge. And he’s Woody Jenkins’s unlikely ally. Mr. Reed stepped down last year from the judge’s bench to run against Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick (the father of the singer). He lost, even though in Orleans Parish nearly 70 percent of the voters are black. Mr. Reed says he didn’t lose to a white candidate; he lost to the political machine: Mr. Connick was the pick of Mayor Morial and LIFE. Mr. Reed says he expected vote fraud, and he went as far as writing to Attorney General Janet Reno, asking for federal poll watchers. Although the letter went to his former colleagues, he never received a reply. “This isn’t a race issue, it’s not a Democrat or Republican issue,” says Mr. Reed, who has also testified before John Warner’s Senate Rules Committee. “This is about the integrity of the process.” “Marc Morial likes to boast he comes from Haitian-Creole heritage,” Mr. Reed told WORLD. “We need to let him know he’s not Baby Doc, and this isn’t Haiti.”

Ray Nagin might have said some crazy things, stupid things, embarrassing things, but it didn’t matter what Ray Nagin was, it was who he wasn’t. He wasn’t Mitch Landrieu, brother of Senator Mary Landrieu. Yes, the same Mary Landrieu otherwise known as Harry Reid’s high priced call girl. The son of Maurice “Moon” Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans.

You may have already seen Hot Air’s story titled “How Mary Landrieu Can Get Re-elected” in which Laura writes:

While nothing illegal has ever been proved, Mary Landrieu more or less stole her Senate seat using ACORN approved methods of getting out the zombie vote, paying people to vote early and often, and holding back precincts so any necessary adjustments could be made. Woody Jenkins, discouraged by Louisiana election code which requires trials to begin no later 15 days after the election, tried to take his case to the Senate instead. He did a lousy job proving it, and now as an incumbent, she’s entrenched.

ACORN approved methods? Not that I disagree with that assessment, but I’d happily point out that Maurice “Moon” Landrieu may have helped ACORN use such methods. ACORN didn’t come up with any methods, they franchised election fraud. In 1969 Maurice “Moon” Landrieu was making his bid to become the next mayor of New Orleans, despite the view that Jimmy Fitzmorris would have beaten Victor Schiro in 1965 had it not been for Hurricane Betsy (at least according to fellow LC contributor Jim Brown), and that Jimmy Fitzmorris maintained the support of most of New Orleans’s political establishment. Clearly Jimmy Fitzmorris was a shoe in, he had the money, he had the backing. But just like in football, politics requires a ground game in order to win, and Moon Landrieu had that ground game. Despite only winning 19.27% of the vote and coming in second in the first Democrat primary, on December 13,1969, Moon Landrieu defeated Jimmy Fitzmorris in the second Democrat primary and went on to win the Mayor’s race in 1970.

Something else happened in 1970, New Orleans native Wade Rathke moved to Arkansas to form the Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now, or what most of us now know as ACORN. Eventually ACORN headquartered in New Orleans. Now here’s where things get fuzzy, did the Rathke’s, founders of a national organization known for corruption have any connection to the prominent political family of corrupt New Orleans? Did SEIU and ACORN help Mary Landrieu win her senate seat by keeping polling places in certain precincts open late? And who helped Wade Rathke financially so that he may spread his organization as rapidly as he did. More importantly, does Mary Landrieu’s yes vote help her brother get the extra ground game to win the Mayorial race, thus garunteeing her re-election?

If you ask me, I’d tell the other Democrat candidates in the race, “check the graveyards for footprints come the morning after the primary and general election, I’ve got a feeling dead people will vote.” More importantly, get your poll watchers in every precinct. Mitch wants this bad, and Mary, knowing this health care bill will take effect just before her re-election, will need help from the midnight voters in New Orleans in 2014.

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