Mayor Forum in Jones Creek- Kip Holden No Show

September 23, 2008

Kip Holden was a last minute no show at last night’s mayor forum held at the Jones Creek Library due to a prior engagement. Kip apparently doesn’t keep track of his mayorial events with any calender so it is unclear what that prior engagement might have been.

Holden’s failure to show at last night’s mayorial forum along with his playboy party lifestyle coming out despite major efforts by allies to sweep it under the rug could send the wrong message to voters.

Dr. Dan Kyle criticized Mayor Holden for “introducing the race card” and stated “Most republicans will not support a tax and spend liberal who parties on the town while his shadow runs the city.”. It was a somewhat surprising remark considering the massive coverup of Kip Holden’s late night party lifestyle and his lust of married women. However, the general consensus of the informed audience that Mayor Holden does indeed live an alternative lifestyle. Dr Kyle also asked if there was such widespread Republican support for Kip, why was there “ten or fewer people at the political rally of “Republicans for Kip”?

The candidates in attendance, Ron Johnson, Dan Kyle, and Wayne Carter, capitalized on the Mayor’s absense by addressing the rise in crime during the past four years, the sudden work on road improvements during an election year after 3 years of no new improvement on infrastruture, and the problems that East Baton Rouge continues to face with it’s public school system. A common theme was broken promises of the Holden administration. 

All candidates also were very critical of Mayor Kip Holden’s endorsement of Barack Obama and being on the same ballot that’s being passed around North Baton Rouge, with ultra Liberal people such as Barack Obama and Don Cazayoux.

In the end, however, Kip’s absence from the forum seemed to be the real talk among the audience, an audience that didn’t forget that Kip Holden wanted to exclude many areas of the city from having a vote in the mayorial race in a lawsuit filed by the NAACP. This suburb was one of the targets of that lawsuit that attempted to exclude caucasion areas in order to give more “equal opportunity” in city government.

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From shed to sauna ONCE they were just somewhere to store the tools or bikes — and a refuge for a generation of dads.

But now the shed has morphed into a stylish log cabin often fully equipped with modern furnishings, heating and electricity — to be put to innovative use as a sauna, cinema room, gym, guest room, play room or warm and cosy double glazed home office.

A cabin can also be dressed up to look magical in the evening with LED lighting, a sound system and storm lanterns leading to it for al fresco entertaining. And it can add value as well as extra space to your home. web site monkey tower defence 4

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Dunster House also supply special Rapidpad foundations requiring minimal digging, making the cabin much quicker to erect than laying a concrete base.

Sail through summer KEEPING the conservatory cool in summer, or creating an outdoor area that provides some welcome shade doesn’t just mean blinds or pergolas.

A lightweight tensile sail can provide a contemporary and visually stunning feature, like a floating sculpture overhead.

Tensile sails are used in many famous architectural spaces, such as Sadler’s Wells, to create a focal point, diffuse light and remove solar glare.

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Comfy cushions are showerproof with washable covers, but are best kept undercover when not in use.

A good source is Showhouse Furniture (, suppliers of stylish PU rattan furniture sets to consumers and leading hotels such as The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales, where the Ryder Cup is being held in October.

PM’s garden party IN THE run up to the General Election, Dunster House were delighted to see their Monkey Tower climbing frame sitting proud as punch behind Prime Minister David Cameron, in pictures taken in his garden.

He’s a busy man, but if he did find time to assemble the Monkey Tower himself for his family, he would have found it a doddle using the simple instructions and assembly kit provided – and to dismantle it to move it to his new Downing Street address (

Climbing frames come in all kinds of fun combinations, with monkey bars, swings, towers, climbing ladders, fireman’s poles, scramble nets and wave slides. Kids love them and they provide an easy way to ensure they get plenty of exercise.

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Garden designs: Create a home office in a log cabin or erect tensile sails (inset) as an innovative focal point Picture below: tensARC. Main: Dunster House


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