Measuring a New Low for Democrats. Is Boasso to Blame?

August 22, 2007

The Democrat Party of Louisiana has recently come out with a campaign advertisement that suggests the Democrats have gone past desperation and straight into the gutter. Not only is the Democrat Party responsible for a highly inflammatory and personally offensive attack on Bobby Jindal, the Democrats are insisting that it be continued. Despite calls for removing the ads, Democrats are insisting that their slander continue to be aired on Monroe’s KNOE-TV and Roy Frostenson, General Manager, has decided the ads will continue for now; so much for decency in broadcasting. Perhaps this is the type of media that has produced the concerns recently expressed by Bobby Jindal.

Today Fox News is reporting the truth of the distortions and went on to point out that the Democrats are only buying airtime in heavily Protestant NORTH Louisiana. This can only be seen as an attempt to manipulate non-Catholics by using clear falsehoods in an area of the state likely to be strongly carried by Bobby Jindal. It can easily be said that the Democrats hold the voters in North Louisiana in complete disdain, thinking them not smart enough to do their own research and unable to see through the Democrats’ outright lies.With record low moral guidance, the Democrats would seem to have bottomed with the distortion of historical papers and then falsely accusing Bobby Jindal of saying negative comments about Protestants, however, the Democrats stoop even lower by only supplying part of  the story, requiring those interested to purchase the entire article. This is likely an intended strategy figuring most will simply accept the Democrat lies without researching further and failing to actually see the distortions.The lack of leadership in the Democrat Party is very troubling and only serves to prove how desperate the Democrats truly are. On a local level, no Democrats have done the right thing and called for the ads to be pulled. On a state level the silence is the same as Senior Senator Mary Landrieu played ignorant to the ads, but likely received notice early on. Even if Landrieu did not get an early copy, she has had plenty of time and notice since to be rightfully disgusted, yet she remains a silent partner.Apparently when Democrats leave office they recapture what morals they had as proven by a former communications strategist for Governor Blanco. Bob Mann, now a mass communication professor at LSU, called the ad an outrageous attack that distracts from more important topics in the governor’s race. Mr. Mann was quoted on Town Hall with Lee Fletcher as saying, “I have a pretty high tolerance for this kind of stuff, but my reaction was I was fairly well shocked. I was really surprised that the party would run something that explosive and that inflammatory.”

Neither Foster Campbell, nor Walter Boasso, both Democrat candidates for Governor, has stepped forward to denounce the offensive campaign ads. With campaign personnel hoping for a boost in the polls from the egregious ads, both candidates appear to be well-informed as to the content of the ads, despite recent denials.With Walter Boasso being the chosen candidate of the Louisiana Democrat Party it would seem highly unlikely that this commercial would be a total surprise to Boasso. More likely, Boasso, having been selected as the leader of the Democrat Party, was given a “first showing” and gave it his full blessing. With ridiculous ads having Boasso playing with cardboard cutouts, it is hardy a stretch to think Boasso capable of orchestrating the whole sordid affair. If not, Boasso should be leading the call to have the ads removed and further calling for the resignation of those responsible for such a tasteless and immoral outrage.

Displaying no leadership and looking as equally ridiculous as he does in his “cutout commercials”, Walter Boasso in interviews yesterday claimed ignorance of the ads. Boasso, while claiming to be a Catholic, said in the interview that he has not seen the troubling ads, but in the same breath calls on Jindal to respond to their accusations. Can you be more ridiculous, Mr. Boasso? One has to wonder if Mr. Boasso would choose to respond to such clear lies about his faith if the shoe were on the other foot.

Given other underhanded activities by local New Orleans Democrat Committee members, there is certainly no guarantee other outrageous ads will not rise from the depths of the Democrat sewer.

One difference the Democrats may have not counted on is how Bobby Jindal is handling these immoral slurs. In the previous Governor election, Bobby Jindal insisted that his campaign would be ran cleanly and would not get involved with the distasteful practices of the Democrat Party. In an earlier interview, Bobby made it clear; trusting the Democrats to run a respectful campaign was a mistake. “We won”t make the same mistake, again. We might make other mistakes, but we won’t make the same mistakes.”Often times a person has to dirty their hands when dealing with scoundrels. Go get’em, Bobby!!The honest people of Louisiana will understand and appreciate your defense against such outrageous lies, and your supporters have lots of soap to wash off that weak dirt after you purge Baton Rouge of that disgusting filth.



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