Meet the Next Vice-President of the United States – Governor Bobby Jindal

March 18, 2008


Meeting Bobby for the first timeThis Good Friday will mark one-year since I first met, in person, our new Governor, Bobby Jindal. I have met and watched him many times since that first meeting doing what I could to convince others that this man would provide a Deliverance for Louisiana out from an abyss of corruption where this state has been mired my entire lifetime and longer. I had long been in awe of his accomplishments prior to this meeting. His successes easily inspire hope in those he touches. It was my hopes of a better future for my granddaughter and my disappointment in myself for not working harder for him in his first bid for Governor that prompted me to do more in this last election.


Ever faithful to Louisiana and always full of hope and foresight, Governor Jindal did not let his loss in the previous Governor election stop him from working for a better Louisiana and was elected to the Congress by an overwhelming margin and in history making fashion.


With the ominous double-blow by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the greatest hardships

Louisiana has ever faced, Congressman Jindal stepped-up with all the might afforded to him by his public office, though ever mindful of the bigger picture, to help prevent the worst natural disaster in American history from completely destroying a state long teetering on the edge of doom.


This was actually not a new feat for Governor Jindal. His past accomplishments are easily characterized in the same context as a rescue from eminent disaster. However, the most noticeable difference in each of his accomplishments is the growth in severity of the problems to which he was faced. He never faltered and he never failed.


Governor Jindal has always provided the clearest leadership that persistently moved in the straightest line forward, maybe not moving as fast as some of his most jaded critics would like, but more likely, too fast for those critics of a different political persuasion.


Governor Bobby Jindal is now on a course to add to his growing list of history making events. Being the most popular, best educated, youngest, most well-spoken Governor in the history of Louisiana, after only two months, Governor Jindal has grown more hope for a better Louisiana than any living person can ever imagine or remember and is now poised to write even greater history, not only for the state of Louisiana, but our country, as well.


Hopefully this will make it easy to understand why this writer will be heart-broken to lose such a Gift. Hopefully, I will be able to gather some forgiveness for being so selfish in my calls asking our Governor to dispel my worries of his leaving with the continuous onslaught of “greedy” calls for his help to perform even greater miracles.


Even more hopeful am I that Governor Jindal will forgive me for being so extremely selfish, as I relieve him of the promise made to me that he would serve a complete term as Governor of Louisiana and as I now urge him to give positive consideration to providing his extraordinary capabilities to help Senator John McCain rescue the United States by accepting what appears to be an inevitable request for him to be Vice President of the United States of America.


Godspeed, Bobby.


Always your loyal supporter,

Deryl R. Bryant

AKA “4unionparish”


States News Service April 19, 2012 LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The following information was released by the Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: this web site escape the car

A member of the Pueblo Bishops Bloods, a criminal street gang that had used violence and intimidation to control the Pueblo del Rio housing project in South Los Angeles, pleaded guilty this morning to federal racketeering charges, specifically admitting that he was involved in the murders of two people not affiliated with any gang in attacks that had been unsolved prior to a federal RICO indictment, announced United States Attorney Andre Birotte, Jr., whose office is handling the prosecution of the case.

Marquis Edwards, 22, of Los Angeles, who was known by the moniker “Baby Uzi,” pleaded guilty this morning and acknowledged participating in separate shooting attacks that killed a teenager in 2006 and a woman in 2007. Edwards also acknowledged participating in an attack in which bullets were fired at a group mourning the death of the youth killed by members of the Pueblo Bishops Bloods gang.

Appearing this morning before United States District Judge S. James Otero, Edwards admitted that he and other Pueblo Bishops gang members participated in a September 4, 2006 morning bush attack on a group of young people. Edwards jumped out of one of the vehicles involved in the attack, chased the victims and shot 15-year-old Jose Maldonado at close range. Maldonado–a high school honors student who was not affiliated with any gang–bled to death on his own driveway. Two other Latino youths with Maldonado were also shot and injured during the shooting.

On the night Maldonado was killed, Edwards and another gang member returned to the site of the murder, where family members had gathered for a vigil and to clean up Maldonado’s blood. The other gang member shot into the vigil crowd, injuring one. escape the car

Edwards also admitted to participating in a March 18, 2007 attack in which a 35-year-old single mother was fatally shot. Edwards and other Pueblo Bishop Bloods gang members in a convoy surrounded a van driven by Laura Sanchez, who yelled at her 18-year-old son to get down, which likely saved his life. Sanchez was struck by multiple bullets and died that night. Her son was able to escape the car and survive. Neither Sanchez nor her son had any known gang ties.

Edwards becomes the fourth Pueblo Bishop gang member to plead guilty to racketeering offenses and admit first-degree murder allegations in the Maldonado and Sanchez killings. Prior to the federal RICO indictment, three of these four defendants were uncharged in relation to the murders. Each now faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for their roles in the murders.

Edwards is set to be sentenced by Judge Otero on August 20.

A total of 45 defendants were charged in the federal indictments. With Edwards guilty plea today, 33 of those defendants have now been convicted; three are in state custody, and two are fugitives. A trial for seven remaining defendants is pending and scheduled to begin on June 5 before Judge Otero.

This case is the result of an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Los Angeles Police Department, Newton Division; the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development-Office of Inspector General; and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.



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