Meeting Representative Duncan Hunter

July 9, 2007

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The reason I haven’t posted lately is because I flew down to Miami where I attended the Young Republican Annual Convention. I must say that the Young Republicans have done a tremendous job and I would certainly encourage people between the ages of 18-40 get active in an organization like this.

I posted a picture of my wife and I with Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter (R) from California. He spoke Thursday, I think (it’s more like one big blurry weekend), and was very well spoken. Unfortunately I was still reeling from a 6 am flight out to a 2 in the morning night out the day before.

Despite that, Representative Duncan Hunter still managed to keep my attention and, like all candidates, gave a great speech. But there is more to a candidate than a great speech, and I try to look beyond that.

When I had a chance to talk with Representative Duncan Hunter, I spoke of our fellow writer here at Louisiana Conservative, Cajun Conservative. Not only did he take general interest in blogs but his campaign already knew about Cajun Conservative and Louisiana Conservative.

I was really impressed with Duncan Hunter as a person, who understood the value of grassroots efforts that organizations such as the Young Republicans provide for the party and that he never seemed rushed. I actually have another picture of the congressman holding a box while I’m next to him, but I’m kind of embarrassed to publish it because it looks more like I’m dancing awkwardly than anything else.

Overall, Duncan Hunter gave me the impression that he’s a candidate that I could easily endorse (should I finally choose too) and gladly support should he become President. I’m more likely to vote for him today, than I was a week ago.


All this talk about Fred Thompson from Republicans/conservative... Duncan Hunter has the experience and presence to be a REAL Presidential leader for our country. Too bad not enough money, being almost black-sheeped by the Republican think-tank, and lack of media attention dooms his chances. But just three weeks ago, I changed my registration from Independent to Republican for the sole purpose of being able to participate in the Repub. primary to cast my vote for the guy.

Russ Dunlap
Russ Dunlap

HEY You two, It was great to meet and hang out with you and your wonderful wife. Drop me a line or leave me a comment on my blog. If you would not mind I think we could collaborate on our sites by cross posting articles.

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