Memorial Day’s True Meaning (radio promo)

May 21, 2009

Join me this Saturday 9-10 AM on AM 690 WIST New Orleans or live on your computer here as I discuss the true meaning of Memorial Day. My first guest will be Bill Detweiler, Consultant to the President of the National WWII Museum for Military and Veteran’s Affairs. He will talk about the history of Memorial Day. The second half hour, John Donovan, author of the very popular Milblog Arrgghhh!!! will discuss flag etiquette at home. The non-profit highlighted this week will be Support our War Heroes. I am very excited about this show and the amazing guests I have in store. Don’t miss my previous post on this too.

As for sponsors – all offers on the table. It is good for your business and helps keep this quality radio show on air!

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