Miss Me Yet?

February 26, 2011

There’s a picture going around on the internet that has President Bush waving and underneath it says “Miss Me Yet?” and the answer is quickly becoming a resounding “YES WE DO!”. I miss President Bush (both of them) and I really miss Ronald Reagan. In fact, I miss President Clinton. Hell, I wish Hillary Clinton had became our President. Instead we got Barack Obama.
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Let’s review..

President Bush’s two terms in office, two on-going wars, high deficits, and the Patriot Act, and that was the bad. There was a lot of good things in President Bush’s presidency as well. Remember when he stood on that rubble and yelled into the bullhorn, “I can hear you”? What a tremendous moment that was. That was a moment that every American was proud of the leader they had. Taxes were cut, and the economy continued to roll until his last days in office. I’m not arguing for or against the merits of George Bush, because in my mind, he was a mediocre President.

Let’s not forget that the world, while not unstable, did not seem stable. We went from being able to watch our loved ones exit the gates of the airplane or watching them board and fly off, to dropping them off at the security gates. The great joy of seeing your missed love one as soon as they got off the plane is now gone forever. Was it Bush’s fault? Every thing else was, why not that too?

Yes, everything was Bush’s fault. Gas too high? Bush’s fault! Hurricane hit New Orleans? Blame Bush! You didn’t get a raise? Bush’s fault! You didn’t water your plant? Bush’s fault! Sun shining? Grass green? Blame Bush! Oh what ever the thing you wanted to complain about, certainly some Leftist would inevitably find a way to blame Bush. Yes, I miss ole George W. Bush. I would love to have a President that would stand up for the United States.

Bill Clinton? Well let’s just say having Bill Clinton as President might just have made a lot more men happier as oral activities went from being optional to mandatory. Though I’m not sure how parents felt about their children going to a “Rainbow Party“. Bill Clinton, another mediocre President, had his faults too, but he was smart enough know when he could do things and when he couldn’t. Republicans talked about how his core values rested in a poll, but looking back it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that we had a President that actually listened to what the people were saying.

I know some of you out there want to argue the merits that Clinton or Bush were “Great Presidents”, but is President Obama trying to imitate either one of them? Bill Clinton wasn’t a terrible President. The economy roared and the worst military action President Clinton had was to bomb some warehouses in Iraq. Did I like President Clinton’s agenda? No. What I did like about President Clinton is that he knew when the public was with him, and when it was against him, and when it was against him, well, he was with the people. That’s not a terrible President. Yes, I miss Bill Clinton. I would love to have a President that would listen to people once again.

Bush I? Another mediocre President, after all, out of the last four Presidents, he’s the only one to serve one term. He formed a coalition of nation and his war in Iraq was quickly over and our stated goal of getting Iraq out of Kuwait was accomplished. Entering his final year of his Presidency, his approval rating was so high that people considered him unbeatable. Then, of course, came Bill Clinton. Oh, I miss George Bush I. I would love to have a President that could work with our allies and work with Middle East leaders for a common stated purpose.

President Reagan? I can still hear Reagan, after all these years, starting a message with “Well”. We knew where Reagan stood on Communism. It’s hard to think of Reagan without remembering on of his always memorable quotes. “Tear down this wall”, “I won’t use my opponents age against him”, “There you go again”, “The bombing begins in five minutes”. We knew President Reagan was on America’s side and we were proud to be Americans.

But what separated Ronald Reagan from the rest was his optimism, his faith in the general public to live their lives, to pursue their happiness, and the trust he had in the people to manage their liberty. I didn’t appreciate Ronald Reagan while he was President. Maybe it was the ignorance of youth, or maybe my mind was numbed with liberalism. Do I miss Reagan? I’d give my left arm to have Ronald Reagan as our President again, and that’s a lot since I use both hands to type. Yes, I miss President Reagan. I would love to have a President that could get the people to believe in our country, in each other, most importantly, to get us to believe in ourselves again.

I get a feeling now that it’s three a.m., and God how I wish Hillary Clinton was there to answer the telephone. Now it seems when the phone calls at 3 am, the answering machine picks up, and the message is this, President Obama will get back to you as soon as his schedule clears up. I know Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, but Hillary Clinton still works for President Obama and she’s not running affairs as she would as President, but rather, how her boss wants her too. Don’t blame Hillary Clinton for the ineptness of President Obama. She’s too educated to work for President Obama, and quite frankly you don’t know what his grades are because he’s never opened his collegiate records.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidency, I suspect, would have been much like President Clinton’s presidency. Perhaps even better with the eight year space to see how some of his foreign policies panned out. While many of my conservative friends feared a Hillary Presidency, I was not among them. In fact, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain because I did not want John McCain to represent my values as a Republican, and Hillary seemed like a viable option compared to McCain. Do I miss a Hillary Presidency that never existed? Yes, I do. I would love to have a President that knew what they were doing, that was already up to speed on international affairs, that would have turned the economy around.

Look around today. If the “Tea Parties” are pushing towards a civil war, then it seems that our President and Union purple shirts are ready to give it to them. We’ve got so much civil unrest in our own country and President Obama, well. He’s focusing like a laser on the economy… as soon as he gets to it. He uses the word “Holy” for the Koran, I wish he’d use it for the Bible once in a while. He’s the first black President, I wish he’d actually do something for minorities. He won’t drill for oil in the gulf, and his green energy spending is going bankrupt. He’s spending money out the wazoo, disobeys court order, and has replaced the Supreme Court as the decider of what’s constitutional and what isn’t. Of course, we still can’t see this “Constitutional” Scholar’s grades. He doesn’t instill confidence in people, the world stage looks more like a growing army out of the Lord of the Rings.

He doesn’t know that a pre-existing condition is a medical condition that existed PRIOR TO the effective date of the policy, yet, he thinks he can fix our health care system. Here’s a simple question, one that was once asked by Ronald Reagan. “Are you better off?” than two years ago? Then 10 years ago? 18 years ago? 22 years ago? Unless your a government employee, an SEIU member, or in general, a personal friend of Obama, the answer to that, is probably no. I know not for who I vote for next, but I know for whom I will vote against next.


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