Mitchell, Step Down If You’re Going To Run

December 14, 2009

I know it’s kind of petty to pick on Mitch Landrieu’s stylish hair, but thankfully I found out that those were hair plugs. Now that makes this even funnier. I mean, who gets hair plugs and then doesn’t have hair? It’s like Nancy Pelosi after her Botox shots.


Mitch Landrieu can run a commercial with the Chia Pet commercial music in the background and he can close out his commercials with “Not only am I candidate for mayor, but I’m also the president of the hairplugs for men.” It would certainly be better than hi-jacking a charity event (Cafe Reconcile) for his own political gain.

It’s not that I necessarily care that Mitch Landrieu is running for the mayor of New Orleans, that’s on the people of New Orleans, they have to live with him, but what the rest of us in Louisiana have to live with are his actions as he campaigns. I don’t care if he chooses to be a sad sack who steals the publicity from a charity that provides a better life for at risk children and thus undercutting their fundraising abilities, but I do care how my Lt. Governor represents the state that I live in. I don’t plan on supporting any specific candidate for New Orleans Mayor, and I probably won’t.
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What’s the old saying? “I don’t care what they say, just as long as they spell my name right.” Publicity? While my Lt. Governor is running for Mayor of New Orleans, I might remind people who our Lt. Governor is, and give him free publicity. For example, I can give him publicity by telling the voters of Louisiana that Mitch Landrieu was a key architect of the very unpopular Stelly Bill:

“Stelly had in the hopper a proposal for condensing the brackets of the state personal income tax into a virtual “flat tax.” That came up in the House Ways & Means Committee at the height of the debate over tax increases. Working with lawmakers such as Reps. Mitch Landrieu, D-New Orleans, and William Daniel IV, D-Baton Rouge, Stelly said, he converted it into a “flatter” tax bill that would reduce some brackets but eliminate the deduction for federal taxes paid.” Times Picayune — October 22, 2000

On June 1, 2000, Mitch Landrieu was quoted by the Times Picayune as saying the Stelly Tax was “”This bill is a 3-in-1. It’s a trifecta. It’s a win, win, win.” and six days later, in the same paper said of the very unpopluar Stelly Tax “Through all this rubble, that’s going to shine like a jewel if it passes,” Landrieu said.

Let’s give credit where credit is due, Vic Stelly doesn’t deserve all the credit just because his name is on it, after all, Mitch Landrieu was a co-architect of the plan and he deserves some of the credit… or blame if you live in Louisiana.

Or maybe we can find out if the white Democrat financiers of Mitch Landrieu, including Ben Nelson and then DNC chairman Howard Dean worked to defeat the black Democrat mayor in favor of a much lighter mayor, despite the demographics of the city, are coming around again? Certainly you remember that splashed across the pages of the on May 21, 2006. My gut check is that Mitch Landrieu is going to get even more national support than he did in his last election…. hmmm, makes you wonder what the price of Mary Landrieu’s vote really cost.

But, if Mitchell (would you rather I called him Chia Pet?) really wants to be Mayor of New Orleans, why not put his money where his mouth his? Why not make the statement that the Mayor of New Orleans is the job he wants, and he’s willing to resign his position as Lt. Governor to dedicate all of his time to earning that job. And consider this, when New Orleans was still in disarray from Hurricane Katrina, he LOST to Ray Nagin. If he ever had a chance at being mayor of New Orleans, that was the time.

I’m not convinced that he really wants to be mayor and I think this is just a way for the Landrieu monarchy to pad their coffers, especially from the DNC dupes who actually think Mitch wants it. If he did, he would dedicate all of his efforts into the campaign, he wouldn’t want to be distracted with Lt. Governor issues, and he’d attend every single debate. If New Orleans is truly calling him, then step down from the Lt. Governor, campaign, and win or lose, dedicate your time after the election to New Orleans, and let the state have a Lt. Governor. Let’s watch, and see what he does. Hopefully he doesn’t embarrass the state too much while being a candidate.


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