Monopolizing Health Care

November 6, 2013

So far 92,793 insurance policies are being canceled in Louisiana because of Obamacare. The biggest question I have for those people are how many of those are people who did not have a “pre-existing condition” prior to purchasing that plan, but have one now as they are looking for new plans. It’s a very important question. A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that exists prior to the effective date of the policy.

In other words, unless the condition was medically diagnosed prior to taking out the policy, then it is not a pre-existing condition. If you bought a health insurance policy today and two months later had a heart attack, clearly you had a medical condition prior to taking out the policy, but unless you had your condition diagnosed prior to taking out the insurance policy, it does not matter and the insurance company needed to cover it.

So with that being said, many people either developed a medical condition, had a medical condition diagnosed, or met the conditions of their policy and now after having that happened, are starting a new policy at a more expensive rate due to their “pre-existing condition” that wasn’t considered a pre-existing condition until Obamacare nullified their policies.

And while many of you might think that it’s just a few people, don’t forget, we did this whole revamping of our health care system because of a few people who were uninsured. Today, with Obamacare in effect, we now have more people without insurance than we did before the law was passed. Does Mary Landrieu care that more people are without insurance than before? Well, she still stands firm on her vote.

Knowing this, Obamacare has yet to affect the vast majority of policy holders, those that have health insurance through their jobs. That’s been delayed thanks in large part to Democrats who are more worried about their own re-election than how their votes harm you. The reason for the delay? It’s expected that 70% of people will lose their health insurance when the employer mandate goes into full effect.

Ultimately they want to have a “Single payer system” as Mr. Obama has been caught on video saying. Asking most Democrats, they would favor a “single payer system”. So what is a single payer system? In short, it’s a government monopoly over your health insurance. You pay the government for health care, the government oversees or your health care. Now there probably will be some people who will not be a part of this system, Mary Landrieu and her staff have opted out as have Obama and his administration. You see, somebody should have access to the best medical care available, and of course the people who take care of your health care should be those people, right?

But here is what’s most troubling about the “single-payer system”. Our health care market is 1/7th of the economy. If the government has total control over the health care system, and with the government budget already spiraling out of control, how is taking control of our health care industry going to increase tax revenues? And without more tax revenues, how is government going to manage the budget?

And if we keep expecting the rich to pay for everything, won’t they expect more benefits in return? Not that I’m accusing the “rich” of being selfish and greedy, but if that’s what you think of the rich and therefor they should pay more, why then would you think making them pay more they would expect less? If you ask me, if the rich are paying for everybody’s health care, the more the best care becomes “off limits” for the rest of us.

So many people think that this is about everybody having the best access to health care, but the reality is, only the best can be given to a limited amount of people. Under the system we had previously, for most people it wasn’t a matter of how much you could afford, and even if it was, what makes you think it’s going to be different under a single payer system?

But Doctors never looked at your bank account to see your financial worth before trying to give you the best care possible. If you had insurance, you had the ability to pay. Insurance companies competed with each other, trying to charge their customers as little as possible while keeping their costs down. Under a single payer system which Landrieu and Obama want, Government monopolizes health insurance. They can charge you as much as they want, pay the doctors as little as they want. And if you think Health insurance companies did that already, keep in mind, they didn’t have the power to punish you if you didn’t buy their product. Government does.


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