October 16, 2007

The Monroe Newsstar has come out in full support of Mike Walsworth for the Senate District 33 position.

Even clearer is the Newsstar’s expectation that Bobby Jindal will be the next Governor of Louisiana and will likely win the Governorship in the Primary Election. (I have long predicted Bobby will win with 56%. Past predictions have been very accurate, but I keep putting my neck out. Oh, the freedoms of blogging.)

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With Bobby Jindal as Governor and Mike Walsworth leading the Northeast Louisiana delegation, Northeast Louisiana has never seen a better opportunity to pull this region off the bottom of State lists, that are at the bottom of National lists. Any upward movement will be a big change away from the Good Old Boy cronyism that plagues our state today.

With boondoggle lakes, favors for friends, and high-paying jobs for his now CRIMINALLY INDICTED brother, Francis Thompson is the epitome of the worst in Louisiana politics. Looking no better, Charles McDonald is now under investigation for ethics violations for setting up a sweetheart deal with a long-time friend and political campaign contributor.

Together Bobby Jindal and Mike Walsworth will provide the very best help this region has ever been afforded to actually be recognized as part of the whole state. The neglect suffered by Northeast Louisiana at the hands of the self-serving south Louisiana Democrat leadership, along with their accomplices in NELA, has been a decades long fight against the worst of cancers. Bobby and Mike are the “doctors” this region and this state as a whole so desperately need.

Please, help save Louisiana and support Bobby Jindal for Governor, and vote the logical choices for the Legislature by sending like-minded leaders that actively support the Jindal platform.

Send the very best help for Bobby Jindal to Baton Rouge.

Send leaders like Mike Walsworth as Senator of District 33 and move this state forward for a real change.

It is time for a NEW LOUISIANA!!


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