Movie 2016!!!

August 25, 2012

By Leon Puissegur


 We went to see the new movie, 2016,( a show we knew little about but we did know it had something to do with Barrack Obama. We went in there just to see what we could learn hearing a lot about this movie brought our curiosity high. We watched as this man from India, the Producer of Schindler’s List began with the background of his curiosity. He showed some of his ideas and how he made his way to the United States and his ideas and advantages grew from there. He gave a perspective that few could deny, he was after all, not a natural born United States Citizen, he came from India where had he stayed there he would not have been allowed to study or do what he has done with his life. He went to Harvard, but his ideas were not of the normal liberal ideology of the Harvard masses. The story entwined his life and his quest for answers into the wonder of Barack Obama.


We watched as he went through all the different ideologies passed down to Obama from people like Frank Marshal Davis, Said, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and the list never seemed to stop. The influences came from so many Anti-United States sections, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, and the like. Obama’s mentors like that of Frank Marshal Davis grew from a Communist ideology while those of Bill Ayers came from the Marxist philosophy and they intertwined themselves around Barack Obama like shoe strings on a show, the older he got the tighter those strings got. Obama wrote about the “Dreams FROM his Father” ideas, which were against the colonization of what later became Kenya and how his father worked against the British colony! The film gives dialog from Doctors holding various degrees that explain why Obama does what he does and why his idea of the FREE United States is totally different then what the vast majority of United States Citizens feel now.


The movie moves to an interview with his brother, a man whom seems so very humble and when questioned why he does not question his brother about support, Obama’s brother just says that Barack has a more important job to do. This Barack Obama’s brother states even though the place he lives in amounts to no more then a tin shed with barely room enough to lay his head down at night. The movie advances to where Obama is kneeling down by his fathers grave and with the narrative from Barack Obama about how he feels pulled two ways, one where he wishes to fight like his father and the other where he wishes to make his father proud by doing just what his father had done.


 We will not reveal any more about this movie but will only state that this is a must see for anyone over 18 years old no matter what party you may belong to because what this movie does is take the ideas of calling Barack Obama a Marxist/Socialist/Communist away and allows the ideology that he was engrained with by those he was mentored by like Frank Marshal Davis, the Communist sympathizer, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the hate America reverend, Bill Ayers the anti government weathermen individual whom had not just supported Obama in his Senate race, but held campaign rallies for him in Chicago. (


 The best part of this movie is where the story teller ties it all together to show not just why Barack Obama hates the free enterprise system so much, but he does it in a way that shows the dark shadow behind Barack Obama that is just now beginning to surface just before the upcoming election. The show was nearly packed; we estimated some 200 plus people sat down to see this show because they wanted to see if they could learn anything from it. One man stated as he left the show, “It is too bad this is like preaching to the choir.” We could fully understand what he meant since most of those in the show had come to see if their idea of Barack Obama would be proven, another lady stated, “Too bad they don’t show this to all the college school kids.” We took heart with that because as we sat down for a meal we discussed this and some of those with us had the same thoughts, our nation is teetering on the edge of a cliff about to fall into an abyss unlike anything this nation has ever seen and few really know this Presidents background other then he came from Chicago and Hawaii, but little else is known about this velvet tongued individual. If just half of those who voted for Barack Obama would sit down and allow their ideas and theories of Barack Obama to be left at home, many of them would be very surprised at what this film, 2016 really shows. (


 If people go and see this movie they will learn a lot more about this man whom seems dead set upon destroying the United States that most of us love. It is a film that needs to be declared far and wide as a must see event before this next election. It does answer a lot of questions and those answers come from a anti-colonial ideology set deep into the brain of Barack Obama, an ideology that is as deep and thick as the blood that flows through his cold heart. We would suggest that you inform as many people as you know to go see the movie, 2016 and allow them to draw their conclusions from the movie. Many will or may consider the movie as an insult towards the President, but those will be the very people that would follow Barack Obama off a cliff if he told them to do it. We strongly urge that you send this site with this article to all that you know and get them to watch this movie and if they do not have a different feeling after they see this, than they will never understand the idea begun as the United States of America! (


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