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October 19, 2007

A Bridge too Far

I recently drove on I-49 and I was struck by a sign…well I should not say I was struck by anything by Patch Campbell and I-49 in the same sentence so let me start over.
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Driving down I-49, I noticed a Patch Campbell’s sign and it had a number 3 on it. Oh, the irony. I couldn’t help but to think, Dale Earnhardt also was number three. Now I don’t know that Dale ever drove down I-49 but he was a race car driver, he was in a very bad accident, but he lost his life.

Hey Patch, I don’t care how loud you scream at your computer screen, I still can’t hear you.
If you’re not going to vote for Bobby Jindal, please, pretty please, vote for Patch Campbell. I mean, if there’s going to be a runoff, let’s at least make it fun. Put Patch Campbell in there and we can have lots of laughs at his expense. I promise Patch won’t get mad. Well no, he will get mad, but being mad is what makes him happy, so we’ll be doing him a favor.

In all seriousness, I want Louisiana to build a bridge to the future, I just don’t want Patch to drive us over that bridge, especially before it’s completed.

Take the Money and Run
It seems Charles McDonald (no relation to Ronald) likes to spend money on his supporters. Why spend money on signs when you can pay people to go vote for you? I suppose one of his first goals as State Senator is to rename Monroe to Monroeleans in honor of the old school tactics of corruption that was rampant in New Orleans.

People who want to do things the New Orleans way will get New Orleans type results. Now Charles will wash his hands clean of this, other people will be held responsible, but we know that Charles knew. It’s a real classy man that leaves his friends to hang out to dry. Well, I’m sure the charges will be dropped if he wins. Can we come up with conspiracy theories like “What did McDonald know and when did he know it?”

The Night of the Hunter

It seems that Taylor Townshend likes to hunt, even out of season. We actually don’t know what Taylor Townshend did on his hunting trip, we jut know that Taylor did something wrong, public information is being made private, and his court date, well, it’s been conveniently moved until after the election.

I guess that’s why the NRA likes this guy, he believes gun laws don’t apply to special people.

Invisible Man

Democrat John Alario and Republican Cliff Richardson likes to skip out on forums, at least that’s the impression that I get. Cliff just doesn’t do debates, John Alario commits and then doesn’t show.


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