My Apology to Obama!

March 3, 2012


Leon Puissegur

I figured that since Obama has once again apologized for what our nation did to keep our troops safe that it finally has come time for me to apologize to Obama! I don’t think this will be an extra long apology, or maybe it will, not to sure just what to begin with so I will start from back in November 2008. Here I shall first apologize to Obama for not voting for him, this was based upon my “opinion” based upon what I had learned of Obama during the months leading up to this election. I must apologize to Obama here because I did not feel he was qualified, (and still don’t, but will get back to this later), to be a president. Now I know, why should I feel this way? Well, back then it seemed that the only thing that Obama had done was hold a seat in the Senate, his arguments on the Senate floor were not often and no one really knew where he came from.

I cannot help but also state here that I have to apologize to Obama for believing he was not a Citizen of our nation, (I still hold that belief, but I’ll get back to that Later), so I figure if he can not show he was born in the United States, or that he is a “Natural Born Citizen, then how could he even be considered to be a president? For me thinking that the newly elected man may not be a real citizen, I must apologize, but I still cannot help but wonder why he cannot produce anything but false papers! I apologize for believing an investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which he proves through a very intense investigation that the Certificate of Birth is a fraudulent document. Because of this I must also apologize for thinking that you, Barry Soreto, alais,Barrack Hussein Obama, or whom ever your real name is, has committed a felony for producing False documents to the very people you supposedly are honest to!

Now to get back to the first paragraph and show what I mean by Obama not being qualified, here I know that no one is really ever qualified for any office since it entails many different ideas and interests that vary very different from everyday life. But with Obama, his background interests were based in ACORN style operations and that troubles me since ACORN has a major objective that would drive our nation into the ground and no one would be able to make any money or own anything. For this I have to apologize, I just did not realize that Obama had a very deep background basically in just the operations of “Social Justice” where the government has to answer for any complaint the public, especially the poor ask. I must apologize for thinking that Obama is not looking for the best interest of the United States, especially when he Bows down to foreigners and then he apologizes for what our nation has done to protect our freedom! Yes, I have to apologize for thinking that maybe we do not need a man whom may have his hands tied directly to a Socialistic agenda that is designed to destroy our nation!

Now to get back to just who is Obama. I have to apologize for just wondering if the Birth Certificate showing barrk Obama is real since he used the name of Barry Soreto or something like that. I must apologize for thinking that maybe we are looking in the wrong nation for the birth certificate, maybe we should be looking in Indonesia where Barry Soreto went to school and made friends, but was that Barrack Hussein Obama, or Barry Soreto? I once again have to apologize just because I really don’t know just who you are since you have used two totally different names. I have to wonder who was the Barry character and was it he that we should be looking at instead of Obama. For this question I have to apologize for because I believe that maybe people are not looking in the right direction and that the truth lies in Indonesia.

Now I have to apologize to Obama for believing that he lied about helping Gasoline prices going up. I have found out that the United States has more OIL then the entire world has yet Obama does not allow this to be drilled or developed, why, because Obama does not like OIL, Coal, or Natural Gas! I apologize because I thought our nation was great and we did not need any other nations Oil. I saw Obama make the comment, “We need to develop all alternative energy we can.” I have to apologize for thinking Obama is nothing more then a huge lying fool! I have to apologize for understanding what Obama meant when he stated, “Electricity will necessarily skyrocket so we can develop alternative energy!” I have to apologize for getting furious with Obama each time I gas up my truck because Obama says we only have 2% of the world’s Oil reserves. I have to apologize for investigating this only to find that this 2% is really only looking at what the present administration is allowing to be found!

I thought that maybe I was wrong for believing Obama was the problem when it comes to the high cost of gasoline, then I realized that Obama is listening to his Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu who stated, “We have to get the United States price of gasoline to the levels of Europe!” For that I have to apologize, because Obama does not know what he is doing, or does he? The price of gasoline goes up nearly every day and yet our nation, the United States has more oil then the world has? I have to apologize for thinking that Obama is purposely not allowing drilling so he can “FORCE” the very people that helped him into office to stop using gasoline powered cars! I have to apologize because I thought that the people of the United States were supposed to be free to select what type of transportation we use, yet under Obama, the people are being “FORCED” to select other means of transportation because Obama TELLS them they have to! I have to apologize because I have thought this is an action of a dictator and not a “freely” elected president!!

For all of this I apologize? No I do not!! Let me repeat that! I do NOT apologize for any of this or what I have written! I do know for a fact that our nation holds more OIL then the entire WORLD has on hand today!!!! I do not apologize for believing Obama, Soreto, or whatever his name is, may well NOT be a true Naturalized Citizen and as such, he should be kicked out of office! I do not apologize for NOT knowing if Obama, Soreto, or whomever Obama really is had no friends or girlfriends that are willing to say they knew him. I do NOT apologize for suspecting him to be friends of people with heavy SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST backgrounds, this was well documented with the appointment of Van Jones as the GREEN JOBS CZAR!! No I do NOT apologize, I am a CITIZEN of the United States, I may have varied “Opinions” of many different things, but unlike Obama, GOD, Family and my Nation are the first things I attribute my level of living to, NOT Government handouts! I worked since I was 11 years old to obtain what I have today, of this, I will NEVER apologize for!!! I dare Obama, Soreto, or whatever his real name is to produce a REAL Certificate of Birth and something I did not touch on, a REAL Social Security number instead of one from a dead man!

No sir Obama, I will NEVER apologize for asking questions about you, with your connections to people such as George Soros, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and so many others that are either Socialists or Communists, I could NEVER apologize for what I believe. This is my right to express my “Opinion” of just whom the hell you really are. I cannot believe what you state since you say one thing then do another! On one hand you state that you wish to help the people, then you stop all drilling anywhere on Government grounds and then say you have no control over rapidly rising fuel prices! Really? Really? No sir, I don’t have to apologize to a person that is allowing the poor people of the United States to remain poor with no hope of ever obtaining anything UNLESS Obama allows you to get it!! That is NOT freedom; that is serfdom!! I am a FREE man and I will fight to the death to maintain that! It is MY Constitutional Right to voice my “Opinion” of what you do, and what I see is a man that is willing to HURT those who voted for him to obtain what, “OBAMA” wants, not what the PEOPLE want! Of that, I will NEVER apologize for, since I have a right to voice my “Opinion” at least for now!!!


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