My Own Personal Stalker?

December 18, 2009

Edited: Since the publishing of this article, the situation has been resolved peacefully and to my satisfaction. I believe that most differences can be resolved without having to use the court of law, and this was one more situation that met that criteria. Though it seemed to me an interference into my personal life, I now believe that it was more coincidental, and not intentional. Therefore, I have turned this post into a private posting and added this note for clarification. End edit

Throughout my time writing my views on the internet, I’ve had various back and forth with other people. One of the reasons I decided to be open about who I was is because I figured that the rules of real life also apply to the internet. Your name can be in the phonebook, yet people don’t stalk you. What courtesy and respect you have in real life also apply to the internet. For example, you don’t find out where the other employees live until they invite you over to their house, you don’t just call people, they give you their number first, and with IP tracking, saying things that simply are untrue still can be slander, anonymous or not. The way we respect each other, the way we deal with each other, it’s still the same. Or at least it should be. The internet may have changed our lives, but we do not have to change the way we live. Well, to some extent.

Yes, information is passed more quickly, yes, cameras are everywhere, and yes, our deepest flaws are exposed to the world. But even as I had my back and forth with people, if it through forums, those debates would continue on for a while, but from blog to blog? I’ve always tried to keep those relatively short, and, at least in the more recent years, would limit my responses to two. The reason is simple, bloggers are still private citizens, and it is their free speech. I am not motivated in shutting down another blogger, I am not interested in attacking another blogger, as long as they are private citizens. Once they become an elected official or a candidate for office, then the game changes for them.

Recently, after being attacked by a fellow Right Wing blogger, I was on the verge of outing him. I chose not to. I knew who it was, and I opted against it for one reason, and that reason was this, because he was still a private citizen and I should respect that. It was not out of respect for him, but it was out of respect for something larger than either of us, the individual. Whether or not we disagree, the one thing we as private citizens need to uphold is summed up simply as “Their Rights are my Rights”. What we look the other way at, we allow in our own fortunes someday. He has since outed himself, but I didn’t out him.

It’s only after a direct attack, if you will, on me from another blogger, do I mention that blogger in a negative light. Quite often when another blogger criticizes what I say, I usually let their comments go. I figure it like this, they are publicizing me, sending their readers over to me, and their readers can see what I said. Their readers are going to agree with me. To what degree, I don’t know. Some a little, some a lot, but what they hopefully find is a different perspective than the thousands of other blogs out there. They aren’t getting the talking points memo from either party, and they will see from time to time that I am critical of Republicans. Hopefully more than anything, they think about what what they read because they came to Louisiana Conservative. I don’t care how they think, just as long as I ended up provoking their thoughts. I trust their readers more than they apparently do. They’ll often try to tell their readers what to think before they send them over here, I trust their readers will come here and think for theirselves. I hope I’m right.

But lately I seem to have a problem with another blogger. I’m talking about Jellyfish over at Your Right Hand Thief. From time to time, I’d see that he’d link to me, and he’d make fun of me, say how stupid I am, and send his readers over to me. I figured he was my editor and publicist the way he’d point out my typos and send readers to me. I didn’t mind, but what he never figured out was that I thought he was dumb, worthless, and not somebody to take serious. He would come here and read, send his readers my way. I don’t go to his site, except on rare occassions, earlier this year, for example, when he said something really stupid about health care, (and I just had to see it for myself), and when he’s talking about me. I don’t waste my time on his site, he wastes his time on my site, who’s stupid again?

What I didn’t realize was his, what appears to be anyway, obsession with me. When I said that I stayed out of the New Orleans Mayors race in 2006, that I said nothing, well, it turns out I was wrong. Yeah, I supported Ray Nagin in the run-off, but I wasn’t trying to be active in the race either. When I saw that he’s calling me out yet again, I was going to just let it go. I saw this post and I had two completely different reactions. The first was, “Wow, I said the same thing about Landrieu as I do today.”, The second reaction was, what the hell is wrong with this guy? Seriously, he remembers that I said a couple of things about the race four years ago, things even I didn’t remember saying until he refreshed my memory?

He says he’s open about who he is, and that may be true. You see, I’m not obsessed with Eel, I don’t care who he is, as long as he isn’t doing this on tax dollars. And if he does work for a government agency, well, we’re talking about a whole other set of problems that all of us should be having with this guy. But it’s true, I didn’t bother to find out who Mermaid over at YRHT is, I don’t care. He has free speech, just as any of us do, I don’t have to agree with it. I figure most people really are going to read his writings and come to the conclusion that I did, that he’s an idiot… in my humble opinion. I don’t care where he lives, I don’t care what he looks like, I don’t care what his name is. I don’t care what his facebook page is, I don’t care what he twitters. I feel the same about him as I feel about most of you. What you do in your private life really isn’t any of my business.

I feel that way about Tiger Woods, which is why I haven’t said anything about him (Maybe Hermit the Crab over at YRHT should double check since he knows more about my writings than I do). I feel that way about most people. In fact, the only people whose personal lives I’m concerned about are those I feel closely enough associated with, and, to some extent, the people who vote on legislation that impacts our lives. Oprah retiring? So what, I don’t watch her anyway. The lady from Family Ties is gay? And this is important information to us because why again? It’s something that most liberals, conservatives, and independents can agree on, that the lives of the citizens should be private. When the citizenry feels as though they have no privacy, then you have what most people would call, tyranny.

But Dolphin over at YRHT, not only seems to know more about me then most people I know, he takes my pictures and shows everybody who I am. Again, I’m kind of divided, thanks for the publicity buddy… but uh, you took my pictures, which is my property, and used them on your website without my permission. I’ve got my attorney looking into that, and I have the screenshots saved. Just keep in mind that you have been keeping closer tabs on me, than I have been keeping on you.

I certainly hope you are not a government employee because you are delving too much into my private life, and you must not forget, I am still a private citizen… and Seaweed, I don’t think what few readers you do have would appreciate you digging into my personal life, taking my pictures, which are my personal property, and using them on your site without my permission. I certainly hope Mitchell sends you over a couple 8×10’s, so you can stare at them instead of throwing darts at my pics. You want to talk about who is a nutjob?

I’m not scared, but I am thinking I ought to find out if Octopus over at YRHT is mentally unstable… just as a safety precaution. Imagine what the world would be like if every blogger who didn’t like what you believed felt like it was okay to pry into your life.

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"You do not have my permission to use those photos, both of them, and you need to take them down." Per your request, I removed the photo I posted. Again, let me reiterate: this was done after YOU made blogger "identity" an issue, and the photo used was/is available on google. I have no idea what your talking about when you refer to two photos and say "both of them". I only posted one photo in this post: If you can provide a permalink to another YRHT post that has a photo of you, please let me know. As it stands now, you aren't making sense to me (granted, this isn't a new phenomenon, but you're going to need to be more clear about this mysterious second photo).


No Calamari, you are missing the point. You do not have my permission to use those photos, both of them, and you need to take them down. I'm giving you more than adequate warning to take down those photos. I do have Rights to those two pictures and you need to take them down.


Forgot to say that I don't work for the government in any way shape or form. Also, I'm certainly not "obsessed" or even interested in you or your personal life. Your name (which I didn't mention) is on your web site, and your photo is on the google through the photo-sharing magic of the social web service you belong to. Your false claims are also easily accessible through the google, which I've absolutely crushed in my blog posts. The insult I made implying you didn't have thumbs is a reference to a Bill Hicks joke. If, in actuality, you are missing your thumbs then that's entirely coincindental.


Uh, really, I don't know where to begin. This is such a bizarre argument you're making, in light of what you already said. At least you linked to the YRHT post in question, so people can read it for themselves and make their own judgments. One of the things you said that I responded to was this "The difference between you and I is that I’m man enough to face the people I’ve talked about... you hide your identity like you’re Clarke Kent." So, I proceeded to make fun of your claim and make fun of a a photo you posted on a social web site, which is easily accessible to everyone through the google. (Better have your attorney look into google, as well.) How do I know your name (which I didn't use in the posts in question) ... wow, that doesn't take a lot of work to figure out, since you used your personal name for your web site for how many years? That's how much you treasure your privacy? And weren't YOU the one who brought up the whole "identity" issue as a way to slam me, for (in your view) "hiding" mine? Very confusing. Relax. Truly, I don't "know" your web archives better than you. But I do know a b.s. claim when I see one, and when you made a point to say that you were silent about Mitch Landrieu when he ran for office, well, I had to check that one out. Took about two seconds searching the google before a sizable list of posts turned up. Try out the google sometime. You can search for things real quickly rather than trying to remember it all. So, what is the bottom line here? Last post you were chiding me for hiding my identity, now you're running to your lawyer about a photo you posted on a web site that turns up on a google search? Jeebus, if you think something I post crosses the line or bothers you just shoot me an email and request that I take it down. But if you want your lawyer to send me a strongly worded letter or something, then that's fine too.


Don't sweat it. Let those who dissent do so, as long as they do it at a distance. Get a CCP and go on about your business.

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