My Presidential Endorsement

June 22, 2011

Here it is, the big one. I am pleased to have found an acceptable alternative to my beloved Mike Huckabee, and I think he and this gentleman have so much in common.

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The fact is, the Republican field is wide open right now. The latest polls show Mitt Romney as the “frontrunner” with a whopping 17%. Simply put, anyone has an opportunity to pull ahead and win this whacky primary. Will this always be the situation? Obviously not; by October or November, we will surely have a Big 2 or a Big 3 that have proven themselves to voters more than the rest, while the rest will taper off when the realization hits that they won’t be receiving any delegates.

My first impression of Herman Cain was not the best. In his earlier speeches, before he became a major player, his theme was “Cut, cut, cut” to fix the budget issues. This came at a time when the Tea Party Caucus was calling for outrageous levels of cuts, and frankly, Herman bothered me. I was aware of his strong little cell of support at the time and it concerned me that we may have had another Ron Paul on our hands.

Then came the first debate, hosted by FOX News. In the absence of “major players” such as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, some of the lesser-knowns were allowed a chance to plead their case to conservative voters and legitimize themselves. Ron Paul did his Neo-Nazi radical lecturing, Gary Johnson talked about past successes as Governor, Tim Pawlenty fired off a round or two at Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum flexed his muscles about past victories over Democrats. This other guy there, Herman, did none of this intricate policy-speaking and bragging; rather, he focused on talking about common-sense solutions and speaking from the heart. Here was a man who has never held public office with relatively undeveloped policies speaking on a level that you, I, and any other could understand, speaking of right’s and wrong’s and obvious solutions to our national problems.

Needless to say, I loved the guy, and everyone else did too. It thrilled me that as my beloved Mike Huckabee decided to not run, here came another gentleman that made his own way in life with a noble direction to his rhetoric. Support and participation in his campaign erupted, and I’m sure that the money showed up as well; but what’s so special about Herman is, even if he only had one supporter in the entire country, he would still stand on a stump and teach his honest opinions for more than doing the right thing – he would do it because that one person believes in him, and it would bother Herman to let them down.

He performed well at the second CNN debate (regardless of the horrid format). Poll numbers were and are spiking for the gentleman, and everyone was anxious to see his performance at the Republican Leadership Conference this past weekend in New Orleans. Needless to say, between his common-sense solutions to the economy and reiterating the point that this isn’t about us, but rather our children and their children, he captivated the audience and stole the show. The night before, Newt Gingrich said he would make the world America’s top customer; Herman, however, said he would make America it’s own top customer. He readily supported our faithful ally Israel, and in a poem reminded all of us that without choice, we have been given time on this Earth to accomplish something, and that with such little time we need to take action and make a difference.

In the subsequent little Press Conference he was a perfect gentleman with no lack of charm that I think everyone appreciates; and at the end of the Conference when I approached him, shook his hand and whispered “I’m with you’, he looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you, Patrick, thank you, I really appreciate it”, and I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that he meant it. I knew in that moment that I had chosen to support a man who loves his country and loves every one of us. I like to think that between that moment and the half hour I spent with him at his hotel reception, we made friends; and the thing is, Herman wants to be your friend too. Herman Cain is the kind of selfless gentleman that would give the shirt off his back to his most ardent critic, and buy a meal for his most underhanded rival.

It occurred to me on the drive home that Herman came off to me exactly as I always thought Huckabee must act with people, with sincerity, politeness, and a bit of catchy humor. Herman might not have Newt Gingrich’s Resume or Mitt Romney’s money, but I am endorsing him for President because I see that though he’s ready to lead the nation, he would rather make partners with every single person in this country and solve our problems together. Thing is, readers, we can all be partners with Herman; he just needs you to go behind a curtain and pull a lever or press a button for him. I encourage you to support him because Herman belongs to a class of gentleman that is so rarely found; he speaks with his brain, yet from the heart, and he is fighting for not only you and I, but for our children and all Americans present and future.


States News Service January 18, 2010 WASHINGTON — The following information was released by the office of Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: go to website forest park medical center

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee congratulated today a team of Texas doctors and medical professionals who flew to Port- au-Prince Haiti last Thursday and treated about 600 victims of the earthquake before returning to Texas Monday morning.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee played a key role in arranging for the doctors and medical personnel from the Forest Park Medical Center to obtain the necessary clearance from the State and Defense Departments to fly two jets carrying supplies, seven doctors, six nurses, two techs, and two search and rescue volunteers to Haiti “I am proud of these Texans and their service to the people of Haiti,” stated the congresswoman. “I was privileged to facilitate a trip during which the Texas medical team treated about 600 patients, including 70 amputations, and 150 surgeries,” Jackson Lee said.

The medical team, led by Dr. Richard Toussaint, flew from Dallas Love Field Airport and arrived in Haiti just after noon Saturday. The team provided medical and supplies to Haiti’s Hopital Sacre Coeur.

On Saturday, Congresswoman Jackson Lee hosted a meeting to help coordinate a Houston relief effort, “Texans Helping Haitians.” The purpose of the meeting was to synchronize community relief efforts under the leadership of local government organizations and agencies. Relief efforts are being lead by Houston-area Haitian organizations including the Haitian Multicultural Association, Haitian Caribbean Organization of Texas, Caribbean Impact Foundation, and Haiti Counts. “Houston has a big heart and we are all interested in providing support to our friends in Haiti,” stated the Congresswoman.” We want to have a coordinated effort that will have an immediate impact, “the Congresswoman stated. “We want to show that Houston has a deep commitment to the restoration and recovery of Haiti.” Participating in the meeting were representatives from Harris County Emergency Management, Houston Fire Department, and Texas Air National Guard, the Texas Medical Center, Texas EquuSearch, Texas Southern University, University of Houston and the Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid. go to website forest park medical center



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