May 31, 2007

While attending the Inaugural D’Arbonne BBQ Fest and State Championship Cook-off at the Lake D’Arbonne State Park, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with T. Lee Horne, the Libertarian Party candidate for Louisiana Governor.I was talking with Mike Walsworth, State Representative District 15, and candidate for State Senate District 33, when Mr. Horne came walking towards us. Representative Walsworth, obviously familiar with Mr. Horne, introduced me before moving on to assume his duties of judging some really great BBQ delights.
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T. Lee Horne easily comes across as a sincere and decent person that honestly wants to see changes in Louisiana. Horne’s campaign platform proclaims that he is for “honesty, transparency, and simplicity in government”. These are surely three things this state has not seen for quite sometime, if ever.

Mr. Horne is also for “accountability at all levels of government, with equal enforcement of the laws”. Again, these are rare commodities in the Pelican State.

Personally, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want all of these things, but like everyone, I have yet to see any of them come to pass. Unfortunately, with partisan politicians like John Alario, so entrenched in the Legislature and “porking” every dollar in the surplus he can, transparency and simplicity will remain rare. Until we have leadership that is morally driven with a sense of equal responsibility for the entire State, unlike anything Mr. Alario is familiar, there will be little to no change for the good of Louisiana. Seeing Mr. Alario demoted to “committee member” (at the most) will be a welcomed day. Seeing him retire will be a celebration. I digress.

I applaud Mr. Horne’s call for better government, but I did not see any experience in his resume that would lend me to think he was prepared for the top job of an entire state, let alone the political skills to stand toe to toe against a spendthrift Democrat Legislature. Horne certainly has had a variety of jobs that would indicate at least that Horne was not afraid of a little work, but the job to fix Louisiana’s troubles will need more experience than running a family estate, a salvage yard, or even Sargeant-at-Arms of his sixth grade class.

Most of what Horne said can easily be seen on his website. I am sure that after four years of campaigning and struggling for face recognition, you get used to saying the same things over and over.

I did find it a bit telling that Mr. Horne was making such a big deal out of being on television “three times in three days”. Unfortunately, those appearances were very brief and did not include any large crowds or public speaking invitations. One of the news clips was actually better for Bobby Jindal than Mr. Horne. Horne really should rethink the rap song and giving weather reports from his RV.

In an interview on Shreveport KTBS-3 that lasted less than four minutes, Horne immediately displayed a serious lack of knowledge about one of the worst problems facing Louisiana; highways. With a backlog of over $14BILLION, Horne claimed that our major highways were in need of some repair and I-49 (that will go through his hometown of Franklin) should be completed, but the state and parish highways are “excellent”. I would challenge Mr. Horne to get off those major highways and drive his “campaign headquarters” down LA Hwy 15 in Union Parish, or LA Hwy 4 in Franklin, Caldwell, or Jackson Parishes, or LA Hwy 17 in West Carroll Parish, or LA Hwy 2 in Claiborne and Webster Parishes, or LA Hwy 9 in Bienville Parish, or La Hwy 7 (redesignated US Hwy 371, but not improved) through Red River Parish, or, …well, the list is much longer, but you get the point. Even worse are the parish roads, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend Mr. Horne driving down any of them with his RV headquarters, seeing that most are not wide enough for his RV and those speeding log trucks.

On the other candidates, T. Lee Horne seemed more focused on Walter Boasso and John Georges than Bobby Jindal. This would make good sense given Mr. Horne has a much better chance of passing either of these two candidates in the polls than he does Bobby Jindal. A second or even a third place showing in a Governor’s race would be a big victory for the Libertarian Party. Personally, I would be thrilled if Mr. Horne captured second place in a primary win for Bobby Jindal.

We both agreed that Walter Boasso had cut his political throat and that no political party would ever really trust him again. One has to wonder why Boasso fails to recognize such a huge mistake. It is likely due to a serious disconnection with the average voter.

On John Georges, Mr. Horne’s contempt was clear. Horne felt it was very misleading of Georges to brag about his campaign treasure chest when it was filled by only one person, himself. “He certainly doesn’t have the supporters he is trying to mislead the public into believing”, said Horne.

Then our conversation switched to Anthony “Tony G” Gentile and likely contained information that I doubt is on any website, yet. For those that do not recognize that name, like the vast majority of the State, Tony G. claims to be running for Governor, but really lacks any rationale or experience for doing so.

When I asked T. Lee if he knew Tony G, he said, “oh sure. We trade information on upcoming events. It’s been really helpful to me.” Horne went on to say that he and Tony were at the Covington debate and at the meeting with the Jeffersonians. Like the rest of the gubernatorial hopefuls, T. Lee Horne does not miss the opportunity to point out that Bobby Jindal did not attend the Covington debate, no matter how insignificant it really was, and disregarding a scheduling problem that was created by the hosts of that event.

I did, of course, “perk up” when the meeting with the Jeffersonians was mentioned; especially given the hubbub Tony Gentile tried to create on PoliticsLA about the event. Like most of Tony G’s attempts for recognition, it backfired badly, and Tony came away looking like a child taking his bat and ball home so the other kids could not play. According to T. Lee Horne, the only “candidates” that attended the Jeffersonian meeting were T. Lee Horne and Tony Gentile. Given that manufactured hubbub, this clearly illustrated just how inexperienced and disingenuous “Tony G” really is, as is his supporter “Willie Cager”.

When I asked about Tony G’s campaign, things got even gloomier for Gentile. Mr. Horne volunteered, “It really takes a lot of backing to run a serious campaign and Tony doesn’t have any.” Horne went on to say that, “with no backing by a party like I have, Tony really doesn’t have much of a chance to be Governor. It is a great personal statement, but he really has no chance of winning”.

I agreed completely.

Looking back, neither of us apparently found it important enough to discuss Foster Campbell, likely the only political victory Tony G. will ever see.

Unfortunately for Mr. Horne, though exponentially better than Anthony Gentile, his chances for Governor do not look nearly good enough either to overcome the very, strong frontrunner, Congressman Bobby Jindal, the hands down favorite to be the next Governor of Louisiana.


Tony G. WROTE: "Be that as it may I viewed your opinion as an attempt to minimize my efforts." What effort? Keep listening to you Political Guru Danny Zimmerman.

Tony G
Tony G

I never placed blame on Bobby Jindal for what is said by his supporters. In fact I sincerely hope Mr. Jindal would find it appualling his supporters would stoop to that level. I recognize the fact that he has no control over what is said or written in regards to other candidates. I took your article in the wrong perspective. It was your opinion not as much as a news story. We're all entitled to express opinions. Mr. Horne's email clearly defines his thoughts and the lack of answers to some questions in his mind left it open to your imagination. Mr. Horne's email was a personal note and I did ask if I could share it with anyone. Be that as it may I viewed your opinion as an attempt to minimize my efforts. That's your right and I do not hold that against you in any way. I point out things Mr. Jindal does that I do not like. In my mind's eye it's that's part of the game. I will stand up for myself when I see the need. As far as pointing out the childish name calling on PLAcom. I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of the Republicans screaming about the use of the name Piyush and his supporters antics in the same arena. Good luck to you Mr. 4unionparish, there's no hard feelings here. Hey Avman! Thanks for creating another avenue for debate and opinion. Lots of good information being passed around as well as various insights. This helps in creating an objective perception of the issues. Tony G


4union is correct in that he has the freedom, as do all the contributing writers, to write as they see fit. If they wrote only what I told them to write, it would be my opinions that they would be conveying and not the differing views of conservatives around the state that this website wishes to convey. At the same time, the views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the other writers. I also asks that the writers be as accurate as possible. Though mistakes can be reasonably expected, I believe that the contributers of Louisiana Conservative do their best to be accurate. It is an opinion blog and when one of the writers states something as fact, we encourage our readers to double check them. Trust us, but verify us. We have had tremendous success, in large part because the writers have reasonably done what I have asked. Thank you, Avman


First, Tony G, thanks for honoring our blog. You are the first candidate for Governor to bless us with your presence. Thanks. Next, the main falacy in your thinking is that you somehow place the responsibility of what is said of some message board onto Bobby Jindal. That is simply ridiculous. This is an \"opinion blog\" and I have been very clear on my support for Bobby Jindal. This State needs him in the worst of ways and simply does not have the time to waste on the \"circus\" that would result from your election. I do not say that to be offensive. In fact, I have always been very cordial with you, as you have with me, until you didn\'t like me calling you on your refusal to answer direct questions about the details of your accusations. I don\'t know what you are insinuating about the post on PoliticsLA being different from the article. I clearly did not post the entire LC article on PLa. Perhaps an explanation, and yes, I am free to publish what I like, but it is all based in truth. If you notice otherwise, please, point it out to me. Again, I am not certain why you mention the childish name calling on PLa because it certainly has nothing to do with me. If you think your character was being questioned, I would have to ask, by who? As for your email from Mr. Horne, it is too bad he did not bother to copy me on it. Afterall, I was decent enough to send Mr. Horne an email announcing the article. To present, there has been no response. Of course, I haven\'t gotten a response from John Alario either, but I sent it to him, as well. I do not see any errors or exaggerations in my article covering that conversation referencing you. If there are, they are owned by Mr. Horne, but more likely the case, he is a decent man that believes you are a decent man, and sought to spare your feelings. As I have always done since our first conversation, I wish you well.

Tony G
Tony G

Well Mr. 4unionparish, I just recevied an email from Mr. Horne. It appears you may have exagerated a little. I'll leave out the nouns that would be descriptive of such work. I'm sure you get my point.

Tony G
Tony G

Mr. 4unionparish, the manufactured hubbub you speak of, is a result of the immature and malicious manner in which Jindal supporters convey. It's amazing how when Jindal opted not to show up for the debate it was a non event to Jindal supporters. No big deal. I was not invited to the LCA Debate and they (Jindal supporters)referenced me as a "no show". I was invited on the same day to meet with the Jeffersonians in Baton Rouge. In response to their candor I created the thread you speak of. It's funny how your article differs slightly from what you post in In any case you're free to write whatever you like. I enjoy the attention, thank you. You know it's not a matter of what they say that should worry you, it's when they stop talking about you, that's when you worry. In closing two things to put under your ball cap, 1) In spite of popular belief, Willie Cager is a person of his own, he's my brother. If you were wondering why he supports me so. 2) You know how members in were calling me a "dago", "wop", "greaseball", and one fella even created a login name "No Dago for Governor"? Well the othe day on the Jim Brown show I was asked about the Democrats using the name Piyush if it would really make a difference. I told Jim no I don't believe it will, I understood both parties stance on the issue and made reference to how the Jindal supporters refer to me, as I mentioned above. Jim Brown accentuated my statement commenting that there are a great deal many more italians who would be angered by that epithat that Indains by calling Jindal Piyush. All of southeast Louisiana heard this. You see Mr. 4unionparish, I'll always write the truth based on facts, not my opinion or perception.

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