National Survey Ranks La. Courts at the Bottom

November 2, 2012

THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INSTITUTE FOR LEGAL REFORM conducted a national survey and the survey found Louisiana’s judiciary ranked 49th, near the bottom, in the nation. Despite positive lawmaking, Louisiana is still notorious for loose class-certification standards and an unfair Judiciary. The key issues in the survey were tort reform, caps and limits on damages, eliminating unnecessary lawsuits, limits on discovery, fairness, judicial competence, etc.

Are there incompetent and dishonest judges in Louisiana?

One only has to look at the criminal court records. The Honorable Robert Collin was convicted of bribery,
conspiracy and obstruction of justice and Honorable Thomas Porteus for kickbacks, cash for cases, taking gifts from bondsmen and attorneys. The list goes on and most are for taking money to issue favorable rulings.

The survey notes that Louisiana doesn’t allow punitive damages except in rare cases. However, that didn’t elevate the score high enough to erase the wrongful rulings that come out of the judicial system. Neither did other changes adopted since 1996, when the Louisiana Legislature passed one of the nation’s most aggressive tort reforms acts under Gov. Mike Foster. Lisa A. Rickard, president of the Institute
for Legal Reform said “Despite reform, Louisiana is still notorious for its unfair judges.


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