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December 10, 2007

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Google Voice app brings texting, voice mail, but not calls to iPad, iPod touch

Oakland Tribune December 14, 2010 | Frank Michael Russell Google has updated its Google Voice app for Apple’s iPhone to also support the iPad and iPod touch. this web site google voice app

According to a blog post today, the new app will allow iPad and iPod touch owners to send and receive free text messages or check voice mail from their Google Voice account. However, the Mountain View Internet company is not including the ability to make Internet calls on the iPad or iPod touch over Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connections. website google voice app

“While you can’t use your iPod or iPad as a phone, you can use it to initiate Google Voice calls with your phones,” product manager Marcus Foster wrote on the post.

“Simply click any ‘call’ button in the Google Voice app on your iPod or iPad and then select which of your phones you want to ring,” Foster wrote. “Google Voice will call your phone and then connect your call.” Google Voice service is available only for U.S. callers. The app requires and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 3.1 or later versions.

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