(New Orleans) Number 1 in the Nation!

March 12, 2007

Yea! We’re number one! We’re number one! We’re number one! Yeah!!!! Once again, Louisiana finds it’s way to the top of dishonorable stats. It’s a long list of items and most notably it’s been that Baton Rouge was #2 in AIDS. Not to be outdone, the big easy landed the #1 spot in the nation for murder rate with a whopping 96 per 1,000. Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco, give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it. The way you two have worked so diligently to rebuilding the city, you definitely deserve it.

I’m more than happy to give you all the credit, but there are some honorable mentions as well. Come on, you folks can be honest, you certainly don’t deserve all the credit. After all, you couldn’t have done it all on your own. Oh please don’t be too modest, since modesty only applies to the things that are bad. If it was great, I’m sure you’d be standing in front of the cameras to take the credit.

However, New Orleans D.A. Eddie Jordan has to get the MVP award for the murder rate being so high. Eddie deserves the MVP award because he likes to prosecute police officers while letting murderers back onto the streets to murder black people. If Eddie Jordan was a white Republican, we’d call him a racist, if he’s a black Republican, he’s an uncle Tom, but no, Eddie Jordan is a Democrat, which makes it perfectly acceptable. Here’s a video of the heroes turning theirselves in.

Oh the judges deserve some credit too, but why talk about them when of course we can blame this on Bush. Everything is Bush’s fault. The sun shined all weekend, must have been Bush’s fault. The grass is green, yep, blame Bush. I didn’t get that oil change that I needed and now I’m infuriated with Bush.

Whatever we do, let’s not blame what’s going on in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or any other city with a high murder rate on the mentality of the criminals. When a woman gives her son a gun to go get revenge on another guy because he got beat up, we have a very serious problem on our hands. We can blame everybody else, Bush, Republicans, Democrats, Blanco, Jordan, Nagin, guns, gun manufacturers, rappers, movies, and I’m sure they all contribute to some extent, but there is a serious void of leadership in these kids’ lives.

Some of it is a lack of discipline. Can that be denied when a student defecates in the hallway of his school and nothing is done about it? Or the bus ride home seems more like a scene from ‘Lord of the Flies‘? And, by the way, the latest on the bus driver who dared to stand up for decency, had his bus taken away from him. That’s just one school in the Baton Rouge area that’s out of control and not necessarily a representation of the entire area, or Louisiana for that matter. It does represent a serious problem and that is that these kids don’t have proper leadership in their lives.

This is where politics comes in. Politics is what happens when people decide to quit screwing up their own lives and decides to start screwing up other people’s lives. Political correctness means you don’t offend people, and since truth is offensive, it’s off limits. One of those things happens to be single parenthood. The knee jerk reaction is to not listen to anybody who points to single parenthood as a potential root of the problem. Their ears close, their eyes shut, and their mouths start making noises, they’ll do anything to avoid hearing a powerful truth that they cannot deny.

It’s not saying that a single parent can’t raise a child properly, they can. Many people have done it, and did it successfully. What I am saying is that by removing a parent from the household seriously handicaps the parent that do raise the child on their own. That a two parent family will have more success keeping their child out of jail than a single parent family. Some of you might think I am criticizing single mothers, but more often than not, it’s the man who abandons his child who’s the guilty party. Even when both parents are in the home, doesn’t necessarily equate to having two parents in the home.

And just because the mother is raising the child by herself doesn’t mean she’s doing a great job. We can worry about her “Self Esteem” or the child’s “Self Esteem”, but who’s self esteem is going to matter to the child when that child is dead? We have a problem folks, and we keep putting bandaids over it, hoping the bleeding eventually ends, but we don’t do anything to address the center of the problem. That core is that too many young boys don’t have somebody there too teach them what it means to be a man.


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