Newt and the Paul Ryan Plan

May 20, 2011

Newt Gingrich has been forcibly thrown from the approval of the GOP Establishment. Maybe the world is ending tomorrow.

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Newt Gingrich is a veteran of political warfare and criticism. Following his major accomplishment with his capture of the House in 1994 and his contract with America, he had brawl after brawl with Bill Clinton. Together, they managed to achieve the now legendary Balanced Budget amendment. Then came a government shutdown, ethics charges, and an attempted coup by House Republican leadership that narrowly failed. Leaving his cancer-infested, bed-ridden wife for a younger woman didn’t help matters.

Still, Newt Gingrich prevailed. He has slowly restored his reputation and integrity through several politically wise documentaries that touch on key demographics. The Former Speaker has founded several interest groups in flirtation would a Presidential run, one of them allegedly keeping him from seeking the Oval Office in 2008.

Alas, the irony of it all. Newt Gingrich finally pulls the trigger on a Presidential run, and then says something blatantly correct: Right-wing social engineering is no better than Left-wing social engineering. And what’s happening because of his statement?

Everyone has lost-their-minds.

Specifically, most of the blame has been cast for his disapproval of the Paul Ryan plan. Yes, a few articles back I spoke favorably of the plan. I will apologize for my regression and my lack of full understanding of what it entails. Representative Ryan wants to destroy Medicare, which is apparently the cool new thing for the GOP – Establishment and Rebels.

Why would Paul Ryan want to do this? Who would ever want to do this? Call me Democrat for it, but I have a strong belief in supporting programs that, if correctly managed, can offer so much good to all American citizens after a certain age. There is tons of other places to reform and cut the budget. Why, my beloved Republican Party, must you continue to isolate me with these harsh and unnecessary measures?

I find it regrettable that Newt, laden with controversy, is going up in flames on a perfectly honest statement. The very Establishment that he painstakingly helped define has turned on him. Perhaps his statements of them being “cannibals” from the 90’s aren’t so incorrect.

Injured green sea turtle struggling to lay her eggs

Virgin Islands Daily News September 29, 2003 | FIONA STOKES-GIFFT ST. CROIX – More than a week has passed since Florida doctors began trying to induce the green sea turtle blinded in a dog attack on a St. Croix beach to lay her eggs.

Susan Schaf, animal education coordinator at Marathon Turtle Hospital at Marathon, Fla., said there has been no progress in the efforts to help the turtle, nicknamed Janha, to lay her eggs.

Hospital officials have given Janha shots of pitosin – also given to women to induce labor – and oxytocin – given to other animals – but she has not yet passed her eggs. here green sea turtle

Schaf said a stronger medication that is said to be more effective on reptiles will be delivered to the hospital today. “This drug is supposed to be even stronger and should work on her,” she said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.” Schaf did not have the name of the stronger drug that will be used today.

She said if none of the drugs help the turtle to lay her eggs the hospital staff will consult with a local veterinarian to discuss other options, which may include removing the eggs by surgery. go to web site green sea turtle

Richie Moretti, director of the turtle hospital, said that since the turtle was taken to the hospital more than two weeks ago, caregivers have been working to nurse her back to health and to help her lay her eggs.

To assist in the egg-laying process, the V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources’ Fish and Wildlife Division sent 5 gallons of St. Croix sand to the hospital. Janha is expected to bury the eggs in the sand, and the hatching process will take at least two months. Moretti then will fly back to St. Croix and release the hatchlings on the beach.

Dogs attacked the 260-pound endangered sea turtle early Sept. 9 on a beach on St. Croix’s south shore.

Her front flippers and both eyes were damaged. Her right globe was destroyed. Doctors hoped they could restore some sight to the left globe but were unsuccessful.

Schaf said Janha has come a long way in her physical recovery and is expected to continue to improve.

She is expected to be taken to the Islamorada, Fla., educational aquarium Theater of the Sea after she lays her eggs and is completely healed. Marathon and Islamorada are in the Florida Keys.



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