No Time for Despair

November 7, 2012

an Essay by Leonard Brown:

“‘Forward, the Light Brigade!’
Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
 Someone had blunder’d:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of Death
 Rode the six hundred.”

from “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

          Yes. The results of last night’s returns were disappointing. Yes. It hurt to see the states slipping away. Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada. Yes. The result achieved last night was far and away less than I had hoped for. No! Now is not the time for giving up. It is not a time for despair. We do not have the luxury of wallowing in self pity, not if we hope to preserve all that we have worked for, and we will preserve it! This nation is too strong to fall simply because we do not get out man in office.

         I understand how bleak the outlook appears. Obamacare is slated to go into effect in 2014. Parts of it are going into effect now. Gas prices are through the roof. The national debt has expanded far beyond any previous heights. The unemployment rates are up. Spirits are down. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 300 points before lunch this morning.  All of those things are a concern. We are not the sort of people that roll over and expose our bellies in submission when we have a concern!

        So what, then? What shall we do with the White House and the Senate under Democratic control, and the hearts of the nation still oozing with love for Chairman O? We do what we have always done, we fight! The House of Representatives is under Republican control. We call upon our Congressmen like Rep. Bill Cassidy, Rep John Flemming and Rep. Steve Scalise to carry on the fight in the House of Representatives. We call upon Senator David Viter to do what he can in the Democratic Senate. Most of all, we call on the Conservative movement to unite under a flag conservatism. It is absolutely critical that we start working for the future immediately.

        One of the major problems that we faced in this election was one of demographics. Understand, it is not the fault of the demographics that we lost, it is our fault for not addressing this. There is a major demographic shift going on in the United States. In major battleground states like Nevada and Florida, the Hispanic population is on the rise, and the caucasian majority is losing ground. The Republican party has not done enough to reach out to these population groups. This is a huge error, because it means that the percentage of the Caucasian vote that we must achieve to win is getting larger and larger. For Example, last night, Mitt Romney needed to win 76% of the white vote to win. This was a statistic I heard several times. He won roughly 72%. That’s still a huge number. We are the torch bearers for the message of conservatism. This is not a message for one demographic. Conservatism is for all people at its roots. We carry the flame of freedom, the message of lower tax burdens, the flag of self reliance. These concepts are not getting through. We need to help all Americans understand these things.

          Let’s face it, Chairman O ran an intelligent campaign that took advantage of the areas in which he was strong. Union workers, minorities and single young women. He did this in key battleground areas like Cleveland, where the fate of the nation turned on a city once governed by Jerry Springer. That should tell you something right there. He won over Hispanic voters in Urban areas in Nevada. He knew that Puerto Rican liberals now outnumbered Cuba conservatives in southern Florida. He won back the industrial workers in Southern Ohio and in Wisconsin. He whispered in the ears of single young women in Iowa, “The Republicans want to take away your right to choose. It’s your body!” and they listened! We need to learn from this strategy. Romney won in so many areas of the nation. Just look at the heat map! Hope is not lost, only our message is. We need to direct it back to the front of our minds and leave it there.

          Conservatives absolutely have to break the stereotype of the stodgy old crummudgeon sitting in his private club having brandy and cigars complaining about how the country is going to hell in a handbasket. We have got to rise above and remind the world that we were the party of Lincoln, Goldwater and Reagan. We lead the fight on civil rights. We fought the Democrats when they wanted to keep school segregated. We have to rise up and show that we are on the side of freedom. We want to spread liberty. We have to stop rolling over when the media paints us as a bunch of sour old men that want to steal all the people’s cookies.

           I call on us all to take a little time to examine your own beliefs. Think about why we identify as conservatives. What makes us tick? Why do we believe what we believe? What do we believe? Until we can clearly answer these questions, and challenge others to do the same, we will always be subject to these types of tactics. Start thinking about the man you want to see as our nominee in 2016. Unless Christ returns before then, I will be fighting for a true conservative with a clear message.


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