WANTED: Political Commentary From a Failed Leader

June 12, 2007

Newt Gingrich became house Speaker in 1994, on the heels of what they called a “revolution.” He was hailed as Ronald Reagan’s ideological heir, and came forth with an ambitious agenda called the “Contract With America.”

What was in in it? Plenty of great things like term limits in congress and a balanced budget amendment.
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Fast forward to the year 2007: the budget deficit is out of control, and well, Ted Kennedy’s still around (translation: there are no term limits, there is no balanced budget).

And we can’t forget that Newt resigned in disgrace, and was carrying on an affair while condemning Bill Clinton for his Monica Lewinsky escapade.

Can you say, “hypocrite?”

In short, Newt is the poster boy for a failed, wasted politico. Yet is views are constantly sought out by commentators such as Sean Hannity and the crew at the FOX NEWS network. He is treated as though he were some kind of conservative Moses come to lead us to the promised land.

As I write this, Newt has a piece posted over at Human Events Online, (Reagan’s favorite magazine). He tells us that we probably haven’t seen the last of the defeated immigration bill.

Nah. Really? I could have NEVER guessed that without reading the wonderful musings of a failed house speaker like Newt.

His is a regular column Ironically titled “Winning the Future.” What’s ironic about the title? Well, because, as I said, Newt had a chance to “win the future” 13 years ago, and he blew it.

And now, he has the gall to lecture conservatives about how to win it? I don’t think so.
Sorry Newt. You had your shot, and you failed, and when you failed you failed big.

The conservative movement needs new leaders, new voices. It’s time for “out with the old, in with the new.” Gingrich is what we call “the old.”

So to anyone who is listening please, for the love of God get Newt out of my face and out of my ears.

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