Now That It’s Been 100 Days

May 4, 2009

One hundred days into the Obama administration and I’m finally speaking out. I haven’t written much since inauguration day but I have been rather busy. Since this is the first time I’ve written in a couple of months, I think I’m just going to do some catching up.

First, oh Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow with your “Tea Bagger” comments, so vulgar and childish. If we’re the “tea baggers” as you say, does that mean you’re getting tea bagged? Not to get on such a vulgar and childish level as the Left so willingly subjected their selves to, but why is it that I can no longer see Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow without getting visions of a pair of tea bags over their eyes? I’ve never thought of Keith Olberman as a guy who wanted to be tea bagged until I saw how happy he was over the thousands of tea baggers.

Arlen Specter left the Republican party and joined the Democrat party, good riddance. Now if we can just get Snowe, McCain and Bush to go with him, maybe our party can get back to the principles of less government that the party is supposed to stand for.

Yes I said Bush, as in Ex President George Bush. I could barely stomach his first four years… but his second term and more specifically the last two years of his Presidency were especially bad. Let’s look at his first four years… letting Ted Kennedy write his No Child Left Behind act? Need I say more? I’m not so concerned about the war because there was a great demand for him to respond, in fact, many on the left were screaming that Bush wasn’t acting fast enough in the first 30 days after 9-11, so the decisions he made, were first made by the general public. We were thirsty for revenge and demanded action… and thus the main argument for how wonderful of a president George Bush was – He kept the nation safe, and that he did.

But let’s not confuse one’s duty to his countrymen with being a great President. He had a moral obligation to take certain steps to keep the nation safe from foreign aggression, and for the most part he met that challenge. I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory that 9-11 was an inside job, it simply does not add up to me.

Perhaps after 8 years of a Clinton presidency we were so hungry to have control of the White House that we were more than willing to put our principles off to the side a few times. Perhaps we wanted to believe that we could work with the Left and see a willingness on their part to work with us. Maybe we were just foolish enough to believe that compassionate conservative wasn’t a disguised version of liberalism. What ever it was, whatever we believed we would get out supposedly conservative President, just never got delivered. I wish I could look at George Bush’s Presidency and say there was occasionally meat on the bones, but more often than not, there wasn’t. If I was hungry for leadership after the Clinton presidency, then I’m starving for leadership after Bush’s presidency. I suspect that a great many Americans feel as I do.

Maybe I was reluctant to criticize Bush because I didn’t want to join the extremist nut cases who were criticizing him for everything he did, including choking on a pretzel. After all, if you agreed with the insane more than you did the normal, shouldn’t you get a straight jacket for Christmas?

It was that first bail out that did it for me. How grateful I am that George Bush would no longer be President. Bush called it sacrificing his free market principles in order to save the economy, but doesn’t that mean that his principles are indeed that government can solve the problems we face? Far too many times Bush’s presidency was as it ended, with Bush relying on government intervention that would contradict conservative principles. The Patriot Act, possibly being necessary for times of war, but why should a war time act be necessary for times of peace? Why should the Patriot Act been made permanent? And where are the critics of George Bush’s Patriot Act now that he’s no longer in office, and the currently elected only wish to expand the Patriot Act?

It isn’t that I’m violating Reagan’s 11th commandment, that shalt not speak ill of your fellow Republican, I simply will no longer honor those in the Republican Party that bad mouth it’s fellow conservative by holding my tongue. Far too many times we stood in silence… but that silence was in itself an act of choosing glimmers of conservatism over liberalism. Or so we thought. What we ended up doing is letting conservatism be redefined to mean big government, high deficits, and war. And for that, I regret voting for George Bush the second time. We have a tendency to forget in politics that just because somebody dresses like you, doesn’t mean they’re your friend. Just because somebody is in your party, doesn’t mean they are your allies. Jeffords, Specter, Snowe, McCain, Bush, they’re better friends of the Left than they are to the Right.

And I know some of you are out there, especially on the Left, are claiming that we should move further to the Left to save our Party, but wouldn’t that mean Democrats are more concerned about helping Republicans win elections than they are Democrats? Advice from the Left is akin to voting for Democrats… and besides, taking so much advice from Democrats is what helped ruin George Bush’s presidency. The solution isn’t to be like the Democrats, the solution is to stand for what 90% of Americans truly want, and that’s for government to be out of their lives as much as possible.


I agree almost entirely with you Av. I have yet to understand how W could so willingly blow off control of our southern border and be so welcoming to the lawbreakers from there who disrespected this country while latched on like leeches. However, before the socialist pig who currently occupies the office is through, we'll remember W fondly and wonder if any of the illegal aliens would have been a better president.

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