O’ Come All Ye Faithful

December 23, 2009

First things first, this Christmas, keep in mind that somebody, some where, is out in the cold, with a gun in his hand, on the call of his government, away from his family, so that you can be safe with yours. A Merry Christmas to all those who serve and have served in our armed forces.
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Now, interesting times that we live in, huh? 2009 has seen some incredible changes, in fact, things are changing so rapidly that I wouldn’t be surprised to see George Bush polling well… in Democrat primaries. Democrats haven’t learned their lesson in 1994, when the public turned against them so quickly that poor Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt publicly apologized to the American public for the way they ran the House and Senate. People weren’t so forgiving and it took until Bush’s sixth year and 12 years later for them to regain the House and Senate. For the first time since 1994, Democrats are in control of both the House and Senate as well as the White House. Their solution? Be more radical and extreme than they were between 1992-1994.

For the most part, Democrats portray theirselves as “moderates”, but their actions suggest extremism. Regardless of your beliefs, when you act as an extremist, people tend to think of your policies as extreme. Passing legislation under the cover of darkness? Votes at one a.m.? Interrogating Negotiating with Ben Nelson behind closed doors for 13 hours? Jilting Bart Stupak? One congressman has already decided to switch to the Republican party, and surely more will follow.

Conservatives have long bolted from joining the Democrats, though admittedly, the Democrat leadership has made this easy for the Republicans to do. Calling 1 Republican vote from Joseph Cao “Bipartisan” is a tough sell to the American public, in fact, it’s an embarrassing one. If that’s the Democrat definition of “bipartisan”, then George Bush had reached a world wide consensus in invading Iraq.

Moreover, the Democrat leadership, and those faithful who follow are taking the entire party off of a cliff screaming “Yes we can!” I suppose they are referring to their ability to fly? Take Mayor Kip Holden who won re-election by a very large margin, whose tax increase proposal failed by a huge margin, and will continue to be affected by the policies of the National Democrats. It doesn’t help matters any when the Democrat party passes legislation to put gun owners in a lockbox when travelling Amtrack. Sure it’s a typo, and that wasn’t the intent of the law, but it’s the law. Funny huh, liberals make fun of my typos, but when their own leaders pass laws with typos that alter they way we travel, suddenly crickets begin to chirp.

If one needed a perfect example of somebody following with blind servitude of the party leadership, one needs only look at Senator Mary Landrieu and her zealotry, blind faith. Really, not only does Mary Landrieu snub what the majority of Louisianians think of the bill, she votes yes, uses $300 million as her excuse, then denies that as the reason and says… “In my own state of Louisiana, specifically, it said when the bill was actually read to voters, 57 percent of Louisianans supported the bill,”. Riiiiiiiiiight. And of course I get phone calls where people read the bill to me and then I understand it, especially when it’s 2,000 pages. Seriously, who’s selling that idea that they did a poll and read the bill to people while doing so? A 2,000 page bill? You read a 2,000 page bill to people while doing a poll? Seriously? She really does think the people of Louisiana are stupid. Well Mary, you are right about one thing, these people were stupid enough to vote for you.

Imagine that? Senator Landrieu believes that these people were read the bill? Quite frankly, I bet most people hung up on the pollster. Who is going to sit on the phone listening to a pollster read off a 2000 page bill? I thought these people believed torture was wrong? Seriously, you’re going to read a 2,000 page bill to people on the phone? Senator Landrieu, we’ve recently passed some anti-smoking laws, I think it prohibits you from blowing smoke up our @$$3$!

I’ll bet you anything if there was a poll ran today asking the voters who they would vote for in a Senate race between Mary Landrieu and John Kennedy, Kennedy would win by a large margin. Landrieu is making a critical mistake here in voting for this bill, because what’s she doing now is solidifying in people’s minds that she is by no means a moderate. And even if she was, she’s voting on bills that she doesn’t have time to read, rather she’s voting FOR bills she doesn’t have time to read.

When she came to Reserve, La the second time, she was unsure what bill the people were concerned about because there were other bills, but, only one had passed either the House or Senate, what other bill could they have possibly been talking about? Yeah Mary, you’re right, the people are stupid for trusting you. I’m sure you believe they are stupid enough to forget this slap in the face five years from now as well.

And allow me this opportunity to warn you of a second housing crash in the coming months, which will drive even more people away from the party than already has. We recently had an $8,000 tax credit to encourage people to buy homes, to help reignite home sales throughout the United States, and it worked… sort of. The problem is the extension for the $8,000 tax credit which will continue to encourage people to buy homes passed, but, it was passed at the last minute. Okay, so 22 days left isn’t exactly last minute… but it was close enough. Put yourself into a position of a homebuyer. Do you wake up one morning and say “Gee, I think I’ll go buy a house today”, or do you plan for months to buy a home? Common sense tells you that you plan ahead when making such a large purchase and you look for weeks, even months, when buying a new home. You don’t just do it overnight.

Problem is, with an $8,000 tax credit ending, you would either forge ahead and buy the home, or postpone your plans, depending on your situation. My guess is, the people who were looking to buy a home in January through April of 2010 pushed ahead purchased the home before the tax credit ended, pushing the end of year numbers up higher. It’s a sugar high that’s bound to come crashing down. This leads to a very bleak outlook on the housing industry for the first few months of 2010. Even though the tax credit still exist, we are now asking people who are planning on buying a home in the later months of 2010 and early months of 2011 to purchase their home in the early part of the year… and those people who were looking to buy their homes in January-April are now non existent. As the economy continues to deteriorate, this number will also deteriorate.

Okay, so Holiday sales were moving, people were buying, but do you ever remember a Christmas when stores weren’t making a lot of sales? Christmas sales are not going to be as strong as they were last year, and job layoffs in January should be expected. With less than a month remaining in Obama’s first year as President, how clueless will he then sound when he talks about the mess he “inherited”? O’ Come All Ye Faithful, tell us a story about how President Obama inherited a mess, a mess he helped contribute to as a Senator, a mess he’s making bigger with the help of Senator Mary Landrieu. Whatever you do, do not explain to people how these proposed solutions will make our lives better, after all, the public is so stupid the only thing they understand is sound bites and hate George Bush, right? Just keep telling us the same words we see politicians saying on t.v., it’s not the same as propaganda; these politicians, unlike all before them, are honest.

Yeah, right.


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