Obama and OIL!!

February 20, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Now this rates very high on the weird scale, combining Obama and Oil in the same line is like placing a tiger next to a mouse! Obama has stood before crowds many times and stated that the United States only has a mere 2% of the worlds oil! This is perhaps the largest lie being stated since the Global Warming scam surfaced! According to a report from Energy & Capitol, our nation holds at least 3 “TRILLION” barrels of Oil and this is more then the entire world has on hand and this is within 3 states near the middle of the United States and does not count the vast amounts in the Gulf Of Mexico yet to be discovered and what they have found in North Dakota and Montana! All together the United States has close to some 4 “TRILLION” barrels of Oil and some Quadrillion Cubic Feet of Natural gas, much more then any other nation in the WORLD!! Now why does Obama allow such a huge lie to be told to the very people he is hurting by NOT allowing these resources to be drilled into? Because he is STILL listening to his Communst friend, Van Jones and others who do not like or want to use Oil, Coal, or Natural Gas!

President, (I have to use this title very loosely when speaking about Obama because he should not be addressed as such since he is an insult to the title and nation!), Obama killed drilling in the Gulf of Mexico due to the BP oil spill, but what he did there was nothing compared to what he did in Idaho where he shut down oil wells that were producing oil on a daily basis because they could be seen for 100 miles away! That was the reason to shut down operating wells that could help the United States produce oil here and NOT have to worry about other nations suppling our oil! Come on now, Obama is hurting the very people he says he wants to help. With gasoline jumping up to close to $4.00 a gallon and yet Obama seems to be like a duck, anything bad just does not stick to Obama at all!

I have to mention here that our nation needs around 50 new Oil refineries and some say that as many as 100 new refineries are needed! The problem here is that with the head of the EPA being a very strong Green person and she does not want to allow the building of new oil refineries! Our nation has not opened any new oil refineries in over 20 years and now it is paying the price! But Obama is now behind the closing of 5 Coal mines due to HIS policy of having a “Green” environment. People will say that the President cannot control the gasoline prices or Coal production, or Natural Gas prices and production, yet if Obama did not have such a very bad policy on our natural resources, our nation could have total dependence from foreign oil!

Some will be quick to say that Obama cannot control the production of oil, Natural Gas, or Coal, yet his policies can! Under Obama, our production of oil fields have dropped, he has forced the closure of 5 Coal mines due to his regulations that made it much harder for Coal mines to operate! Of course we know that Obama is very happy to “FORCE” people to use electric cars and such. Think about this, if Obama could shut down the production of oil and gas, he could “FORCE” people to use the little electric cars and other”efficient” means of transportation! Now take a look at the very idea of these cars, they cost more then a normal car and no one wishes to mention that it will cost you some $8,000 just to install the charger for these cars! They also do not tell you just how is increasing Electricity demands due to the use of all electric cars. Think of what Obama had stated when he was running for his job, Obama stated, “Electricty prices will neccessary skyrocket.” Now he is doing just what he stated during his campaign and guess what, the very people that supported him are now suffering from high energy prices and it carries on from there.

Obama is behind all the price increases of our fuel and food! Now just how can I make such a broad statement and make it stick? It is very simple, I had requested the people from the Keystone Pipeline to answer a few questions and they did. I sent 8 Questions to Trans Canada, the people that have many pipelines in our nation and they stated in response to my question;

Question 6. Are you able and willing to wait until Congress forces the
vote to accept the pipeline?

The decision on when to re-file an application, or what that application (or applications) may look like is up to our customers and shippers. As a business, if we do not have commercial support, then projects like this cannot proceed. Since the denial of the Presidential Permit at this time, we continue to talk with our shippers and customers to get their direction on how to proceed next.

WOW!! Do you see what they stated, let me emphize what they stated! “Since the denial of the Presidential Permit at this time…” How else can it be stated, “Presidential Permit”, this is direct evidence that Obama, no one else, stopped the Keystone pipeline where our nation could very well have helped keep the price down but now it is as Obama stated, “SKYROCKETING”!! Is that what Obama said would happen when he took office? It is just what he said about Electricity so why not do it to Oil, Coal, and Natural gas? Obama IS the problem because had he allowed the pipeline, drilling and production along with building oil refineries, all due to Obama NOT allowing these natural resources to be removed from below our nation!!

Obama has done more to injure our nationthrough his refusal to allow drilling everywhere, to extract Coal from the vast Coal fields our nation has, and most important, the Natural Gas fields Obama has not allowed to be explored or has shut down! One report has stated that with the use of Oil that we use today, OUR nation, the United States has enough Oil alone to keep the nation running on oil for the next 673 years! The United States and our neighbor, Canada, hold more oil, natural gas, and coal then the entire world has on hand now! Yet Obama wishes the people he is supposed to be helping believe we only have 2% of the world’s supply! Obama is wrong on all fronts when it comes to HELPING the middle class, especially since it is due to Obama that our nation has NOT obtained more oil that lies below our nations surface! Obama has stopped or tried to stop all the use of our natural resources through either the department of energy, the department of the interior, or through the EPA!! It is the policies of Obama that is causing the very people Obamais supposed to want to help that are going to be hurt the most due to the Obama energy policy, or lack thereof! When it all comes down to where the direction of any sort of energy policy comes from, all roads lead to, OBAMA!!!

Attorney questioned over estate handling.

Chattanooga Times/Free Press (Chattanooga, TN) June 21, 2007 Byline: Brian Lazenby Jun. 21–A Chattanooga attorney accused of mishandling an estate in probate has been given two weeks by Hamilton County Chancellor Howell Peoples to account for $15,000 he allegedly paid himself from the estate without court approval. irstaxrefundnow.net irs tax refund

Cris Helton, who also is the city attorney for East Ridge, failed to appear in court May 31 when Chancellor Peoples ordered him to be present to explain his handling of the estate of Mary Elizabeth Finley, records show.

Mr. Helton turned himself in at the Hamilton County Jail earlier this month after Chancellor Peoples cited him for failing to appear. He was released after posting a $2,500 bond, records show.

Neither Mr. Helton nor his attorney, Roger Dickson, returned calls Wednesday seeking comment.

According to a report filed by G. Michael Luhowiak, who has been designated the new administrator of the estate, Mr. Helton wrote 10 checks from the estate without court approval, sold a house in the estate to his son at less than the appraised value and failed to pay income taxes on the estate.

“Not only was Helton’s $15,000 compensation as personal representative taken from the Estate without Court approval, but also it was excessive under (local court rules),” Mr. Luhowiak wrote in the report.

Court records show a house at 1509 Garner St. in East Ridge was appraised at $50,000, while another document shows the house valued at $60,000. Mr. Helton sold the house to his son for $42,500 after turning down at least one offer at the appraised price, records show.

Mr. Luhowiak’s report states that Mr. Helton failed to file income taxes on the estate for 2004 and 2005.

The report also claims that Mr. Helton failed to turn over the entire file for the estate after it was assigned to Mr. Luhowiak.

Mr. Luhowiak received the remaining files from officials at Mr. Helton’s former firm, McKoon, Williams & Gold, in March, nine months after Mr. Helton was scheduled to turn the information over. this web site irs tax refund

In the two bankers’ boxes, Mr. Luhowiak discovered “undeposited checks that were properly payable to the decedent’s estate, including checks for earnest money paid during the sale of two properties, one of which was the Garner Street property, Social Security checks and IRS tax refund checks that had expired,” the report states.

Hamilton County Commissioner Curtis Adams, whose district includes East Ridge, said he does not believe Mr. Helton will be retained as the city attorney beyond his current contract.

“It is my understanding that he has been notified that his contract will not be renewed,” Mr. Adams said.

East Ridge Mayor Mike Steele declined to comment, citing a lawsuit Mr. Helton recently filed against Mr. Steele calling for his ouster.

It was unclear Wednesday if Mr. Helton filed that lawsuit before or after he was notified that his contract would not be renewed.

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